On Today’s Menu: August 10, 2013

I’ve been eating really well the last few days, but my internet was down so I couldn’t recount it here. And of course I didn’t write it down elsewhere. Gah! I know for breakfast I had two sausages from the farmers market with fried eggs, and then the next day I tried a recipe my brother told me about for scrambling eggs. Stirring up coconut oil in the eggs. It was yummy, but I think I let it cook too long. I had LaraBars and carrots and tomatoes and guacamole for snacks. Burgers for dinner. What especially pleased me was that there was nothing objectionable since my birthday weekend ended. I feel so good! AND I had a HIT day yesterday! Woo!

So today.

I had my last Day Box shift for the week. Yay! It got insane just when I needed it to not be insane. I had a few minutes of panic as the lines went crazy a couple of times. There was confusion even when Alison was helping me and I felt really bad to make her interrupt her training with the new Box Office attendant. But I did the best I could. I think I did alright today and this whole week. Definitely making a pretty paycheck this week and since I’ve been a good Citizen of the State, I don’t owe Uncle Sam any money this time! Seriously, I may end up in the black for August! I had a giggle when my dad called to tell me NJ was summoning me for jury duty. Puahahahahahaha!


I stopped by Kroger pharmacy on the way home and called Comcast so I could get my internet back. I feel so much better typing this on my laptop than trying to do it on my phone. And now I can peak over at Fictionpress where people seem interested in an old forum I helped manage. I hope they respond and play well. That was so much fun! So getting my internet back was one of the last few things on my long To Do list from yesterday, I love feeling productive.

My evening plans were to eat my chicken and guac, drink to my heart’s content, watch TV, and Skype with the boyfriend. The best! I do miss him terribly. I’m also really enjoying the addition to the loft. I use my lawn chair as an extra seat in my bedroom so I don’t sit on my bed while the room is scorching. Much airier in the chair. Good loft, good life.


  • BREAKFAST: 4 pcs GF pizza
  • SNACK: Yogurt with peaches
  • DINNER: Oven fried chicken and guacamole, schnapps and cranberry

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