On Today’s Menu: August 12, 2013

I did not leave the house today. Oh. My. God.

I planned to, I swear! I rolled out of bed at 10am. I showered, ate breakfast, and prepped to go to the Hyundai dealer. Then I noticed it was already early afternoon and I didn’t want to get stuck there while they were busy. I decided to go first thing tomorrow. Today was the day to finally jump into my videos for TOTs! It was one of those “now or never” moments. The cord I need for my camcorder is probably still in NJ, but I can’t imagine where since my parents brought down all the loose cords from my room. I have a webcam and a digital camera with video options. I have things I want to say. No excuses. TOTs launches videos soon! Make sure you’re following on Facebook, here on wordpress (www.thetheatrespace.wordpress.com) and subscribe on Youtube (once I get that figured out)!

That was my entire afternoon and evening. I shot, edited, and finished my intro video for TOTs! It’s cheesy and goofy, but I had fun with it. Fun fact, I’m wearing my vest inside out the entire time. Yeah, that’s how amazingly cool  I am. I was excited to get reacquainted with PowerDirector. It’s a pretty simple program and it has fun options to make a cool video. I also downloaded a song from Amazon to underscore the video. I’ve never had music to underscore a video before!  Thank you free downloads and 2x speed!

The rest of the evening was spent waiting two hours on sweet potatoes and swimming in a pool of sweat while watching wrestling. Yup. And peeking at my intro video. 😀 Tomorrow will be more productive. Honest.

By the way, the Ron Paul Channel launched today! Yay! I think that also inspired me to my “now or never” moment. Testify!


  • LUNCH: Salad with a bowl of peaches
  • SNACK: Guacamole
  • DINNER: Oven fried chicken with mashed sweets

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