On Today’s Menu: August 13, 2013

I was so productive today! I went to the Hyundai dealer!

…and did dishes. See? Productive! Just like I said I’d be!

I went to the dealer and two hours and an episode of the Chew with Harry Connick Jr. and a soap opera later I was told I was getting a loaner car because there might be an issue with my fuel pump. Well the loaner car is a 2013 elantra! Yeah buddy! It’s so sleek and nice! But I realize I can’t get too attached. It’ll be gone tomorrow. But I was glad just to ride that puppy home!

I uploaded my first TOTs video to youtube and the blog (www.thetheatrespace.wordpress.com) today as well. Yay! TOTs videos have launched! I wasn’t expecting thousands of hits on an introduction video, but…I don’t know. I guess I expected fanfare or at least playful heckling or maybe some streamers letting loose from my ceiling. Still, the video is up. I did it. Yay! The rest should be easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Like I said, I got to the dishes today. My kitchen is a lot less overwhelming. Then I hung out around the apartment until it got too hot and too lonely so I drove over to Applebees in hopes of watching the Mets game. Got to drive my loaner car again. Woo! As I approached the gate, guess who decided to fix their gates TODAY! THE ONE DAY I DON’T HAVE MY GATE CARD BECAUSE IT’S IN MY CAR THAT IS BEING FIXED! I figured someone has got to come by later on and they could let me in. After struggling to make that conclusion, I went. No Mets game. And an uncharismatic bartender (until she commented on my order jokingly saying, “You’re eating a lot tonight!” and I forced a little conversation. Then she suddenly has a personality. I didn’t even order that much. First a burger. Then mozzarella sticks. And I had two drinks. That’s a lot? Since when? But I discovered that the redeeming quality of this particular dingy Applebees is the $3 LITs all day every day. Clearly not top shelf, but who cares!? Ooooooh they shouldn’t have told me that. A drink with like 9 alcohols in it for $3? Uh, HI!

So I was still rather lonely, but feeling better about everything in general. :3 Well kinda. More like I was feeling an odd swaying ball of emotions ranging from devastatingly sad and lonely to chipper since no creeps hit on me. Yeah, alcohol will be the last sugar I give up. Teeheehee.


  • SNACK: Yogurt with peaches
  • LUNCH: Oven fried chicken with mashed sweets
  • SNACK: Peach sliced up in a bowl
  • DINNER: Bacon cheddar cheese burger and fries, mozzarella sticks, a fruity frozen drink and a LIT

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