On Today’s Menu: August 14, 2013

I’ve decided on a dress for Amy’s wedding. I’m going to wear the cute purple dress and save the red one for the burlesque show that Sunday night. 😀 That’ll be a fun welcome back to NYC burlesque. Teeheehee. I also spent an hour or more on ThinkGeek.com looking at shirts and accessories and adding them to my Amazon Wishlist. There’s a hidden geek in me who wants to shine, but doesn’t have the skills of real geeks.

You know what other conclusion I came to today? I tried so hard to always have my umbrella with me that the universe decided to put it farther than ever out of my grasp and then send rain. It’s in my car which is still at the dealer. Excellent. So I bought another one from the dollar store right before work. I kinda of felt like the characters from JOB: A Comedy of Justice.

Work was fine. I had a sad eating evening. Damn country music playing in my loaner car the last two days. Nothing but sappy love songs making me all depressed and junk. So I ended up eating TWO COOKIES! ::gagspewdie:: …but they sure were yummy. There’s clearly a maturity level I have to uphold in order to maintain my Primal ways in toxic situations. I need to 1. Eat enough good food so I’m not hungry and 2. Make the firm decision not to eat badly when entering the toxic situation. For example, I’m not eating wedding cake at Amy’s wedding. That is a decision I’m making now. I might bring some GF cupcakes up to NJ to enjoy after the wedding, but I’m practicing my self restraint in difficult situations. Because no one can guilt me or shame me into eating things I know don’t agree with me. It’s not even me saying I’m not eating it to set an example for other people. I’m not eating it because I don’t want to eat it. End of story. Writing it down here makes me hold myself more accountable.

So I have an ultimatum prepared for whoever the lucky SOB is that wants to put a ring on this girl: You can have whatever you want going on for the ceremony and reception (within reason). Venue (anywhere at all except a house of religion), theme, price, time of year, whatever. BUT. I. CONTROL. THE. FOOD. Dammit, I will be eating at my wedding and not feeling sick or bloated afterwards!

So yeah. Maturity. Get on that, Brenna.

Today wasn’t super exciting. Tomorrow I have plans to go out with Alison and some of her girlfriends in Peachtree City. I don’t know who all is still going. I don’t even know if she’ll be well enough to go, but those are the plans. I hope she’s feeling better. Seems to have been a lousy week for her. If the plans fall through, there’s Game Night in NJ happening that I would love to patch myself into with my awesome friends I haven’t seen in sooo long! So finally it’s a win-win for me! I just feel bad that I forgot about the original plans and said I’d be in two places at the same time. ::sigh:: Makes me feel like a jerk.

Well let’s see how tomorrow plays out. Maybe I could get the best of both worlds since I miss everyone involved.


  • LUNCH: Sausages and creamy eggs
  • SNACK: LaraBar, 2 cookies, strawberry hard cider

…yup. That’s all I ate. The timing of lunch said I wasn’t even hungry when I left the house for work. My brain was still like, “Oh guuuuuurl! I’m gettin’ me some sweets!” I compensate for lack of eating and lack of readily available good food by eating and drinking crap. Maturity.


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