On Today’s Menu: August 15, 2013

I could not get myself out of bed today! Ten hours I laid there, half conscious and half dreaming for the last two hours. Finally rolled out of bed anticipating a phone call from the Hyundai dealership.


I applied for another job. This time at Family Dollar. I made sure to undersell myself and make myself look very available in terms of scheduling. Actually I was inspired to apply because as I sat in my living room waiting for a call and waiting to be hungry, I realized I didn’t want to cook since I knew I’d be going out later. Or I thought I would. I was hoping I would. But I didn’t want to spend more money since I already spent more than I wanted to at Applebees. …that $3 LIT was totally worth the money. Screw that stupid list of alcoholic drinks to avoid that I saw on tumblr. I’m not thinking about calories when I’m out having a good time. And calories aren’t the issue, but whatever. So I went ahead and applied for another job so that if I found myself in this situation again, I wouldn’t feel bad about wanting to grab a quick bite somewhere when I don’t want to cook or to go out and eat with friends or even just to buy some snacks if I’m invited to a friend’s house.

Money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness, but it sure buys convenience.

While I was passing the time waiting for the dealership to call, I watched Seeking A Friend for the End of the World. Oh my god! I wasn’t expecting to like TWO Steve Carrell movies in my lifetime! But this one moved me and I don’t know why exactly. Something about really considering what to do in your final days on earth. Do you go about life like it’s perfectly normal because you may as well? Do you throw yourself from the top of a highrise? Do you have a bunch of wild orgies and smoke pot and shoot heroin? Do you find the one that got away? Forgive people who have wronged you? And who do you want standing next to you in that final moment?

Way too much deep thought for a movie with Steve Carrell. But I appreciated it for its humor and for its thoughtfulness. I also like how they ended it. That was both terrifying and beautiful.

I decided against going out tonight since I didn’t have my GPS (in my car at the dealership along with my umbrella and the gate key) and I didn’t want to get lost in the dark and then have to pay both to fill the tank of the rental car AND my own gas tank again this month. Not in the budget. I stayed home and had game night with the boyfriend and Casey and Dylan who I finally got to say hello to in person…ish. Close enough. Yay!! Modern technology is a marvel sometimes. We played Pandemic and got annihilated by diseases. Suffice it to say our strategy didn’t quite work.

So not terribly productive today, but that’s fine. I worked yesterday. I forgive myself for sleeping in after crashing really badly from two sugary cookies and a hard strawberry cider. Yup. No cool story there. I had one cider and two cookies. I had a sugar rush that left me feeling drunk and then I crashed so hard I slept for ten hours. That’s the exciting story of sleeping in after taste testing the cider. I am so uncool.

…just how I like it. 😉


  • SNACK: LaraBar, guacamole
  • DINNER: Burgers and mashed sweets
  • SNACK: LaraBar

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