On Today’s Menu: August 18, 2013

Here I thought this would be another nice productive day. I know it started a little slow. I rolled out of bed and marinated some chicken. A very odd concoction that turned out to be A LOT better than it smelled to begin with. I watched Four Weddings, and gave myself just an hour to shower and dress. That’s what you’re allowed to do when you plan your clothing ahead of time,

Then the universe thought I was getting a little too chipper and from the heavens it rained a swarm.

Of ants.

Goddamn ants in my goddamn bathroom.


But I swiftly did away with them with all of the grace and maturity of a woman beyond her years. So yes, I freaked out, texted my boyfriend, texted my mother, called my mother, cried on the phone, mastered the release on my vacuum filter, then ran out to Kroger to get some ant traps all within an hour. High five, Brenna.

So gross. Anyway, work went alright. A few mishaps. A few snappy patrons because something in Tessitura got screwed up (which translates to almost definitely some human error). Overall though I think it was handled fairly well. I only wish I had some more days, but it was three this week and three this coming up week. Then two weeks off with a couple of day box shifts thrown in…THEN GOING BACK TO NJ!!

But first I had to go home and remember why I was so excited to be out of the apartment today. Luckily, the ants seemed to be subdued with the traps. I won’t go into details of what it looked like to begin with, but it was significantly less this time. Even less when I sucked up that second round of monstrosities. Yay! So I made myself a much better quality frozen drink, watched some wrestling on live stream, and chilled.


…not to you, nasty freaking ants!


  • SNACK: Yogurt
  • DINNER: Salad, chicken marinated in honey, lemon juice, chili powder, cinnamon, and ginger
  • SNACK: LaraBar

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