Busting the Bible Belt: Not Your Typical Paleo Blog Post

“We’re still gonna die.”

This article is well stated. I chose the Primal lifestyle because it keeps me living happier and healthier than I was before and I’ve never felt so empowered to pursue my personal integrity. You don’t have to label an eating style to know that food without pesticides and added hormones and dyes and sugars are better for you. (It’s when you get to the science behind grains that things get a little tricky because of MSM and the food pyramid.)

I’m not avoiding death. I’m enjoying the ride until I get there. 🙂 I give this eating lifestyle all the shameless plugs I can slip in hopes that other people will feel this same happy, healthy joy until they inevitably die one day hopefully in the very distant future. And if they try it and it doesn’t work for them, so be it. And if they don’t try, so be it. If you’re happy, I’m happy.

Too many things will get you sick or injured to nitpick at every little tiny aspect of the world around you to avoid cancer and disease and such. I’m considering switching some of my personal products and makeup. When I can. I cleaned my toilets today with Lysol. I know for sure that’s got to be a carcinogen cesspool, but I just turned the vents on and kept the doors open and stayed out of the bathroom for a while…and didn’t drink the stuff. And if breathing in what little I did will give me cancer, then I’m doomed already. My food intake and exercise and mental health are the best things I can control right now. I have a lot of years ahead of me (as far as I can see) and some wonderful people with whom I want to share those years. Fussing won’t make them fun.

Speaking of, I just made myself Swedish meatballs in a delicious gravy for late lunch/early dinner. Used arrowroot flour as a thickening agent. Worked beautifully! What do you think?

When in doubt (or lacking motivation to shop), toss you main course on a bed of spinach. Meal is complete.
When in doubt (or lacking motivation to shop), toss you main course on a bed of spinach. Meal is complete.

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