On Today’s Menu: August 19, 2013

Hey guess what!


::heavysigh:: I called maintenance for the apartment complex. Then again, I’ve called them before to random levels of avail.  I sprayed down the bathroom with cleaner and despite being vinegar based rather than bleach based, I still couldn’t stay in there long enough to wipe it all down. Had to keep the vent on and pray ants weren’t going to sprout from there too. They’re definitely in the pipes and not the vents. Found some in the downstairs bathroom and in the cabinet beneath my vanity sink. Not many, but if they exist, then there’s a problem. Good thing vinegar cleaner kills them on the spot.

I found my calm and tackled today’s To Do List. Took the garbage out, walked up to the leasing office to take care of the ants and the loose plugs (I left a message about that as well, you see?), deposited my check, picked up my GPS and car charger from the dealership, and then went to find Jack’s to watch the Mets game. I called the dealership earlier just to get an update. Again they said I was about to be called. Seriously? You were “about to” call me? For how many days, guys? But I can’t be mad because they’re always so gracious there. That southern air.

Turns out Jack’s isn’t open until 4. Then I went to find a different place, Mahagony Sports Bar and Grill. I don’t think it exists anymore, replaced by a place called the In Zone that isn’t open yet. So I just went to the Applebees on 78 hoping they would at least be nicer and have SNY. Nope. Well it was nicer. But there was a guy I talked to for a little while. And not a creep! I guess the excitement of that and seeing hockey on TV and lunch being so cheap and realizing it’s the 19th of the month again made me want a brownie bite. Maturity find me!

Got home and worked on the next video for TOTs while watching TV. It won’t be up tomorrow, but I’m on time for a weekly video. And there seemed to be even fewer ants! Even around the traps! Bug guy should be here Thursday morning. I just want my master bath back.


  • SNACK: LaraBar
  • LUNCH: Chicken fajita wrap, salad with italian dressing, brownie bite with ice cream
  • DINNER: Marinated chicken and 2 scrambled eggs

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