On Today’s Menu: August 20, 2013

Happy anniversary to the greatest parents I’ve ever had!

Yes, that does make sense. My family has an odd sense of humor. I was kidnapped from my Saudi royal family, y’know.

…anyway, today was only slightly impressive in terms of productivity. Cleaned the toilets (I’ve never cleaned a toilet before. It looked just like it does in the commercials!), I scrubbed some dishes, had to do a load of dishes TWICE because the dissolving cube thingy got stuck on the utensils holder and only half dissolved, so the grease was loosened I guess, but it wasn’t actually cleaned. Pain in the butt.

I finished the basic outline of the next TOTs script. 🙂 And best of all, I READ TODAY! I sat down in my little window nook and read the first 6 chapters of Mister Monday by Garth Nix. I should say I reread them. I haven’t touched those books in like 2 years, but I never finished the series. I was on the last book that had come out a while after I finished Superior Saturday. Just never picked it up until now. Shame. But it’s funny how I know for sure I started writing U:RS after reading this series. Funny and a little sad. I don’t think I deviated enough from Nix’s stories to call U:RS original. I guess it is destined for http://www.fictionpress.com.

Oh, and I had a conversation about challah today with the boyfriend. Made me miss Friday nights back in the day. Man, challah is delicious. Apparently Panera used to make challah. I’m certain it wasn’t great. I think it’s one of those things that needs to be done by a Jewish mother homemade or from a Jewish bakery. It just won’t taste right otherwise. God’s chosen people and what not.

So it turns out the night I decide to stay home because I spent a few other nights recently going out to find a Mets game, the Mets are playing the Braves and it’s most definitely being shown in every sports bar in town. Oh life. You sure know how to play messed up games and make me want to punch you. But at least the Mets won!


  • SNACK: LaraBar (I’ve been clinging to these lately, huh?)
  • DINNER: Swedish meatballs on a bed of spinach
  • SNACK: Yogurt with raw honey and coconut oil

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