On Today’s Menu: August 21, 2013

I’m very tempted to go to the Mets-Braves game on September 2. $18 for a ticket or save the $18 for the inevitable dining out or gas or buying something for the house or buying gifts for the family? I don’t know. That’s an ongoing debate.

The maintenance guy arrived. Unexpectedly. I guess just saying they’ll send someone is plenty scheduled enough for these guys. No, no. That’s cool. I’m constantly vigilant about always being showered, dressed, and done up at all hours of the day in case of unexpected visitors. I’m a TV character. At least he was nice and tried to fix the disconnected plugs. Couldn’t, but he tried. He said he would tell the leasing office to send an electrician on Friday as I asked. So at some point on Friday, someone may or may not show up at my door for who knows how long. Sweet.

I’m no longer terrified to shower! The ants are gone from the bathroom! …they seem to have migrated to the washroom instead, unless that’s a different colony making its way inside. There’s no upside to either of those circumstances. I just moved the trap from the downstairs bathroom to the washroom. We’ll see what happens. I might’ve laid it a bit crooked so it might be a little difficult for the nasty things to get to it, get poisoned, and infect everyone they know. I’ll report back. But I can shower without much fear and this is very exciting! Because a ho-bath ain’t no bath for me!

Work went well. Met a cool girl who was volunteering tonight. Yay new friends! I ate broken cookies, which wasn’t as yay, but man my sweet tooth has been going nuts the last few days. It’s really weird. I want to say it’s because of the full moon, but I really don’t need two times of the month messing with my head on top of having some serious Seasonal Affect Disorder …not to mention the cookies are free whereas other snacking would cost me money. Thank goodness I won’t be at the concessions stand again after Sunday for at least 2 weeks!

Got home, made myself some homemade lemonade with Stevia, and got to Skype with the boyfriend. Bittersweet. Is it bad that I’m afraid of going back up to NJ in a few weeks because I know  the separation will be that much harder all over again when I have to come back to GA? Too late to change things now. I’m sticking this one out, and darn it I will make the most of this year! I am fortunate to have so much support from my parents when I know a lot of people don’t have that same help. I can’t wait to see my family and friends and even my room again!


  • LUNCH: Half a sausage, Swedish meatballs
  • SNACK: LaraBar, cookie

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