On Today’s Menu: August 22, 2013

Needless to say I should’ve paid more attention to that little line of ants that made their way into my washroom. They became…a bigger line of ants. Thank goodness the pest control guy arrived…four hours later than the scheduled 8-10am. But he did arrive, he sprayed the ants, sprayed all over the apartment, and informed me he thinks he got the source that was outside by one of the AC units. Praise Dionysus. I am so friggin sick of insects and creatures with exoskeletons right now. Seriously. And of course it’s my job to make the ants’ mass grave…before the spiders sniff out a feast…bleeeeeuuuuuurrrrrrggggghhhhhhh!!!!

I took my mind off the grossness by working with my CAMCORDER!! WAAAAHHHH!! ::ahem:: Sorry. Very excited about the HD quality for TOTs. Unfortunately I don’t like how the videos came out so I’m shooting again tomorrow. Because that’s my prerogative. And it will be better. I only want the best I can give for my blog and alternative classroom. I’m very excited. And it’s not like I’ll be waiting on a call from the Hyundai dealership or anything. -__-; I’ll just call them when I finish the shoot and they can tell me they’re keeping my car for a second weekend and charging my dad a crap ton more money or something along those lines.

I picked up my check from Horizon (and completely forgot to grab my phone charger I left the night before), grabbed a quick dinner despite the flash flood that hit Atlanta, and then it was off to Game Night at Amber’s and Age’s house!! It was so fun! Played Tsuro and played Pandemic — simultaneously with the boyfriend playing back up in NJ. That was hilarious. We cured the same diseases with red being the last, but they lost and we won. In his defense, they used 5 Epidemic cards. We only had 4 Epidemic cards, which is like, weeny standard version and we got a very long stretch between the 2nd and 3rd. But we won!! Thank you, well timed “One Quiet Night” card! Then I watched some Cards Against Humanity. I thought it was almost over so I didn’t bother being dealt in, but it ended up much longer than I realized. That’s fine. I’ll play next time. And if I can retrieve my cards from my car, I can bring some games too…although I could’ve sworn I took them out. Oh well. I’ve misplaced them for now. They’re here somewhere.

I would give today an overall score of good. Despite a small slice of pie, I was really good on the food front too! I really need to remind myself that good ripe fruit is just as sweet and satisfying as a cookie or slice of pie. There was balled up fruit salad that was delicious! I’m excited to go to more Game Nights and to figure out what this Stone Soup is. I don’t know if it’s normal to become friends with your parents’ friends who have basically watched you grow up since you were like ten…but I’ve never really played by normal’s rules and I’ve got some pretty awesome people just around the corner.

Now I’m getting to the stuff in Atlanta that I came to see.


  • LUNCH: Sausauges with mustard
  • SNACK: LaraBar
  • DINNER: Burger and fries from Steak N’ Shake (preeeeety pitiful burger all things considered. :-/ )
  • SNACK: Fruit salad, slice of chocolate pecan pie

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