#Collegeproblems #Fundraiser

I must share this. I’m not even a college student anymore and I’m sharing this. This is purely for the benefit of future generations. (I’m a giver, what can I say?)

You know those care packages you get in college from mom and pop and friends to get you through finals? THIS. IS. BETTER.

The upstanding folks at #collegeproblems have created monthly packages for you dear scholars in training not just to help you through finals, but through every key point in your college career. The new friends, the quad, the tests, the missing of tests, the dorm parties, the cram sessions, pledge week, finding your alcohol limit, and more! Support the fundraiser and snag some sweet swag as a gift from the #collegeproblems team including….the EXCLUSIVE #collegeproblems drinking card game!

Keep yourself on the right track to graduation day with unforgettable memories! If you need reassurance because you’re low on funds like most training scholars (although do you really need those textbooks?), they tell you exactly where the money is going — to more great things for you! Make college the best 4 1/2 – 6 years of your life!

#collegeproblems #fundraiser


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