On Today’s Menu: August 23, 2013

For whatever reason I had it in my head that the electrician would arrive in the morning the same time the pest guy was supposed to arrive. Not sure why that was in my head, but it got me out of bed at about 9:30 to shower and what have you. Then I figured since I’m dressed, I may as well doll up, pick out a costume–I mean, outfit for the day, and get to reshooting the video for TOTs. It’s very educational for me to shoot videos of myself. I realize that I have the same issue I see in new acting students. As soon as I have a script and I know it’s a performance, I get very stiff. I don’t want to smile if it’s not a specifically happy moment and my voice is rather monotone.

This isn’t me beating myself up; this is actually what I noticed and why I had to film again in the first place. I literally never smiled in the first take, and that’s baaaaaad when this particular video is an actual lesson. Today was much better if not somewhat forced. I know what to work on for next week! Yay learning! In the middle of editing, the electrician –just another maintenance guy — arrived. I hadn’t left the house all day for fear he would show up and just walk right in when I wasn’t home. The unusable plugs by the vanity were easy fixes. Then he put a new plug cover on the plug by the stairs and I was set. Yay!

I used the deposit slot at the ATM for the first time today. Score! And I really may end up in the black for August…by like $50 maybe, but it’s better than being out $700! And I finally got my charger back from the theatre, but now I definitely need to refill gas in the loaner car. Oh well. Hey, I also didn’t get a call from the Hyundai dealership yesterday or today. Fantastic. Positive? I have the best parents in the world who allowed me this opportunity to learn from a bunch of my own mistakes without leaving me tossing in the wind.

I baked the chicken I marinated for two days in a much less odd concoction. Just Peach BBQ sauce, cinnamon, honey, and cayenne. Forgot I put the cayenne in there and it gave it a nice kick I wasn’t expecting. But I spent the whole day pondering over a side dish. It’s time to go shopping and I haven’t done that yet. I knew I would be terribly unhappy if something didn’t sit beside my chicken. So I got fries from Wendy’s. Not ideal, I know. Still satisfying. I took my coupon for free chili cheese fries hoping I could just get a second order of fries instead of adding the imitation cheese crap and nasty beans to otherwise only oil sullied potatoes. They wouldn’t let me substitute a lesser order for a bigger order. No worries. I just scraped off what I could. Still felt bloated, but I had a lot of fries. I guess my brain got greedy again. It sneaks up on me no matter how I fight it. I turned down ice cream, GF cupcakes, and a frosty so I wouldn’t feel bad (physically) and my brain won again. Touche, my worthy adversary.

But everything can be amended by a Skype gaming date with the boyfriend. Castle Ravenloft may have crushed us, but we made D&D work 850 miles apart. Boom. Geekdom and love transcend mortal physical boundaries! And in just 20 days the boundaries won’t matter!


  • BRUNCH: Meatballs, LaraBar
  • DINNER: Baked chicken, Wendy’s large fries, chili cheese fries

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