On Today’s Menu: August 24, 2013

Hmmm…what happened today? I prepped myself to go shopping. Printed what online coupons I had, finished up my list, etc. I wanted to go to the Farmers Market since I would have more time before work than I would Sunday. Nope. Went to Kroger in hopes of some 2x fuel points so I could refill the loaner car. I. NEED. MY. CAR. BACK. NOW. This is getting frustrating. Seriously. So is spending more money than I expect. I tallied up prices as I was shopping. Just the household and personal items I needed (not even the food!) was $51. Harumph. I decided I should definitely just save the food shopping for the Farmers Market. It’s also a little tricky for food shopping because I know I’ll be gone for a week in mid September. Thinking about it now, that shouldn’t be an issue for this shopping trip. That’ll be my problem next time.

I bought some eggs, butter, and a cereal I’ve been very interested in trying with some almond milk that had some additives I know I should’ve avoided, but I was just a wee bit desperate for something that wouldn’t involve cooking. At least until I get my act together with dish washing and cooking in a timely manner. Personal integrity, Brenna. You can do this! I added blueberries and honey. It still tasted like kosher l’pesach cereal. Oh my goodness. Like, it’s not bad, but it’s not what you want. That’s when I realized I don’t really want cereal anymore. I want something as convenient as cereal. And it doesn’t take much to cook up sausage or bacon or eggs, although it does create the need to clean dirtier dishes. And maybe I can master some sweet potato biscuits. Yumm…

Work wasn’t too chaotic. Because it’s the second to last show, we were sold out with the threat of people on the waiting list ACTUALLY arriving. And they did. In droves. One woman had a party of four that was at the top of our office waiting list which is just for calling back as tickets become available. She was under the impression that that meant she was at the top of the waiting list the night of the performance. I can’t blame her for that confusion, I thought the office list took precedence, but apparently not. She was also mislead to believe that she could arrive around 8:15 and there wouldn’t be a problem, but that left her like 6th on a list of lots of parties of 2. No chance she could get in really. She caused such a fuss! She went total egomaniac like we didn’t realize she was in a bad situation. We get it. We’re sorry you got bad info. We can’t just move things around though because that’s not fair to the people who have been waiting either. But she got her way. Baby. She and her party of 4 were made second on the list. And even as I was selling her the tickets she was giving us attitude. “Why are you taking so long? What’s the hold up? ::rollshereyeswhenItellherthesystemisalittlefinicky:: “You gave me too much change.” “Wait, are you sure you gave me the right change?”

People…and the best part? We got everyone on the list in anyway. So her fussing was in vein.

Well, it gave me a little extra time in the office to finish writing up everything that happened. Yay hours….? Then Kate offered me a strawberry cider, which I happily obliged. No cookie! Morally, I couldn’t do it knowing we’d almost certainly be running out of cookies tomorrow.

Got home and had to just relax. Big day tomorrow apparently with more of the same from tonight. Sold out. Long waiting list. Everyone from the list arriving. I’m on AHM tomorrow and I’m still worried about the waiting list. Kate needs me to be super vigilant for Sunday. I’m on it! …but not til Sunday. So I got to Skype with the boyfriend for a little while before bed. Just what the doctor ordered. :3


  • SNACK: LaraBar
  • LUNCH: Crunchy flax cereal with almond milk-esque liquid, blueberries, and honey
  • SNACK: Banana

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