On Today’s Menu: August 25, 2013

It’s been one week since Black Crawling Sunday. The ants are dead and have not returned. I’m not afraid of my shower anymore. I even took my time before getting ready for work again today. Saw the trailer for GTA 5. Okay, okay. I admit the boyfriend was right and it looks pretty damn cool. I still won’t play, but I’ll certainly watch my brother or boyfriend play. πŸ™‚ Then I took a quick shower, got dolled up, and headed out the door. Perfect.

Today was my last day of work for Every Tongue Confess. What a great show. And the cast was so wonderful and nice! And the last show went so smoothly! I’m such a pro at chatting up patrons. πŸ˜› Yeah right. Haha! It was nice to talk with one of the apprentices who came in just to help. And he was such a help with concessions! Yay! It was also nice to talk to someone who knew where Columbiana, AL was. So now I’ll be waiting to hear from Kate about any work on the next show with which I can help. I only have 3 Day Box shifts coming up in the next two weeks. Oh Farmers market! I’m gonna need food for the first few weeks of September!

I got home and just chilled. Nothing else to do today. My computer is acting up so I can’t work on my already late TOTs video. ::pout:: An evening of Bridezillas from the DVR, cartoons, and looking up cosplay ideas. That’s a good evening to me! I really hope I have Halloween plans this year!


  • BRUNCH: Crunchy Flax cereal with bananas
  • SNACK: 2 cookies



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