On Today’s Menu: August 26, 2013

Did I say I would get to cleaning today?

I did! …I got to some plastic kitchenware anyway. And a few ceramics. So I have my tea cups back, used for yogurt rather than tea, and some more small plates and bowls. Yay productivity! My kitchen feels better in general. I kind of feel like taking out the not even half full garbage so I can try out my new scented garbage bags. Also, I’m afraid some food I threw out today will attract more ants despite the powerful chemicals still clinging to my walls.

Then I FINALLY finished last week’s TOTs video. I have to get started on the next script so that I can get the next one up later this week. Going for consistency. Let’s go! Next video is on terminology thanks to a well timed Sunday comic strip.  🙂 This is really fun! I hope it catches on like I dream it will. You, dear readers, can help by heading over to the blog and following and watching and commenting! 😉 TOTs – Thoughts on Theatre (Facebook) and http://www.thetheatrespace.wordpress.com (WordPress)

If I can take a moment please. So, um, AMANDA BILLYROCK RESPONDED TO ME ON FACEBOOK! ::freedomgeeking:: Ahem. That is all. After reading about her latest adventure in the Free State Project, I am now a little better prepared to face a cop who wants to pull me over. Or better yet, if s/he tries to stop me while I’m walking down the street so I can pull out my phone, turn on the video, and then keep walking. P’shaa. I can get a badge just like yours at Dollar General. Buh-bye, officer Dunkin’.

I ate well today. Nothing objectionable. I’m definitely not after cereal, just something as quick as cereal. It makes me feel really full without the feeling of really being satisfied by a nutritious meal. I need to get back to the Farmers Market soon. I would’ve definitely gone tomorrow morning, but now I’m not sure because while the dealership did in fact call today, they also said they hoped to have my car done today and would call me back. Then lo and behold–no call! I better get some kind of patience discount. But yes. The dealership called back. Apparently they were pretty swamped this weekend and had ordered the wrong parts to fix my car, but my car was put at the top of their list. Or so they say. Well at least they’ve been very courteous if untrustworthy.

I might go to the Farmers Market tomorrow anyway. I have a hankering for spaghetti squash and plantains for blueberry/chocolate muffins! And a walk somewhere other than my apartment stairs. I think the inactivity hurt my lower right side.

Ended the night with dinner and wrestling that I was oddly interested in. When did AJ become good with the mic? Curse that boyfriend of mine for being right about things I wish he wasn’t right about! I hate AJ!


  • BRUNCH: Crunchy flax cereal with raspberries, bananas, cinnamon, and cocoa powder
  • SNACK: LaraBar
  • DINNER: Baked steak sauce chicken with coconut shavings and diced tomatoes

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