On Today’s Menu: August 27, 2013

No, the dealership didn’t call. However I did go to the Farmers Market! Bought all my groceries for the same price as all those household items I needed. Thank you Dekalb Farmers Market!! I could’ve gone without the eerie conversation with one of the workers with a super thick accent about how I should really go to Church because I believe in love and love comes from the heart and the heart is with Jesus or some such. Sorry. You definitely got the wrong girl with that one.

I need to stop being such a wimp and tell people “No. I don’t want to have this conversation. I need to finish shopping.” and “No, I’m not okay with you keeping my car for weeks on end and doing maintenance I didn’t even know you were going to do that probably costs far more than I anticipated.”

But I was too happy about the cost of my trip to fret over that for long. I got home, put the food away and immediately got started on making some Maple Pecan Crunch Banana Muffins! I even managed to convince myself to get started on my first Feast of Dionysus video for TOTs. Hello productive day! And hello new Followers! Welcome! The muffins took much longer than they should’ve, but they were absolutely delicious! And I had extra batter so I made another 3 muffins (15 total) but I put blueberries in the last three with the chocolate on top instead of inside.

Oh. My. God. Yes.

Chocolate, I love you. I will always love you. But blueberries were spawned in order to be in muffins. No other reason. None. They were meant for muffins. Period.

So I ate dinner, had muffins for dessert, got the mail –my heating bill finally arrived and it was a little higher than I’d hoped — watched some TV and got to editing the video for the rest of the evening. There is a LOT of video to edit. Probably won’t finish before collapsing from exhaustion. …not that I have anywhere to be tomorrow. Yay vacation! I nearly forgot to write up this post because of the video. I’m so one track minded.


  • SNACK: Banana
  • DINNER: Salad and chicken
  • SNACK: 3 muffins

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