On Today’s Menu: August 28, 2013

What was that about taking a walk today to pump myself up to wash my hair, tackle a to do list, and make burgers on the eve of my first of three day box shifts? Well about that, my phone needed to charge and then I got distracted and angry by the idiot box and the idiots on it. I’m trying to research U.S. involvement in the Middle East and how it still has any support from any sane human being. My answers are not forthcoming…and it makes me want to hit things.

And then I–no. I planned to do that but didn’t.

Oh, I–nope. I dreamed that that happened.

Hmm…I guess I sat on my butt all day watching TV, editing a video for TOTs that suddenly decided to be very difficult today, paying the last of my utilities bills, and planning future meals because my avocados weren’t ready yet for my guacamole stuffed burgers. I had burger king instead–gross–and got to Skype with my parents–yay–so I did get out of the apartment and I did have human interaction! That’s a good day for me! Always a good day when I can see my parents. 🙂

Oh, also–I’M COMING BACK TO NEW JERSEY A WEEK EARLY!! Changing the countdown on my laptop made me inwardly giggle with glee. I don’t know why I didn’t think of coming back during the 2 weeks off between shows.  I guess I viewed it as a vacation and a vacation is an expense and the word “expense” still scares me. But this is a vacation back home. It’s very different from a typical vacation. I can actually save money from this vacation! (Another reason it’s always a good day when I can see my parents.) Probably can’t do it between all the shows…or could I…? Part of me thinks that’d be a bit of a cop out to the whole “being on my own” thing. Also, I was anticipating having a full time job I couldn’t necessarily leave whenever I wanted to and would need the money anyway. But without the job…hmm…well, best not to plan for that. We all know what happens when Brenna plans. We’ll just see what happens when Third Country is over…

So instead of a long weekend home with my family and friends, I get a long two weeks!! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! That’s a nice welcome back after 4 months away. A whole season away from home. Wow.

You go girl!

…now my car really better be done soon. ::shakesfist::


  • BREAKFAST: Coconut creamy eggs and two muffins
  • DINNER: 10pc chicken nuggets, fries, two whoppers (I thought this was a lot at first…then I took the buns away. Still uncomfortable after, but that was food quality, not quantity. Not so glamorous without waving your buns in everyone’s face, eh whopper?)

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