On Today’s Menu: August 29, 2013

I got mad at the world again. I apologize although I stand by everything I said. Non-aggression is the answer. At the very least, it hasn’t been tried here yet so no one can knock it with any basis. There are bigger issues than the symptoms people only focus on. It’s like treating the sniffles when really you’ve got like…pneumonia or something. We don’t need to live with pneumonia just because that’s how it’s always been, and it sure as hell isn’t the BEST way to do things in the mean time. Oh lordy no! Very frustrating, but alas, I digress from the bread and circus and mark myself as a domestic terrorist.

Sorry. Anger. Blog. Quiet. Not sorry. Moving on.

So work went pretty smoothly. I learned how to do invoices and dealt with a few calls over the course of 5 hours. Otherwise I was on Facebook and looking up some more LRC articles. Thank Dionysus for going manic and moving to Georgia for an internship that became a part-time job. I get super busy during shows and then I get a small, well deserved break between shows. I guess that’s my treat for living off of a part-time job. Thank you, Dionysus. Also, thank you for having the dealership finally call. I’m getting my car back tomorrow morning!

Got home and still no ready avocados. Harumph. Also didn’t get to laundry or washing my hair. But I planned ahead and baked all 6 sweet potatoes and made some soy-sauce tasting chicken with liquid aminos. I actually caved to turning my air on, it got SO HOT with the oven going. But luckily I’ll be saving energy when I’m back home in NJ for TWO WEEKS…in ONE WEEK! I need to do laundry just so I can pack my suitcase!

See? Find the good in your life. Always find the good. And be a good person. I believe in NAP! NAPing is the best! …and now we return to our regularly scheduled life. [/ventbabbling]


  • BREAKFAST: Crunchy flax with banana and strawberry
  • SNACK: 2 muffins
  • DINNER: Chicken and a baked sweet potato
  • SNACK: Muffin (I might be addicted to my muffins)

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