On Today’s Menu: August 30, 2013


Apparently I pulled a card from the Community Chest pile that said, “Warranty error in your favor. Only pay the $100 deductible.” Basically I had no idea that the 10 year warranty on my car would be altered by having my dad sign the car over to me. It went down to a 5 year warranty and I’ve had my car for 6 years. But the very nice service guy said that when he called the warranty people and told them my last name, they immediately said it was okay and that he should go ahead and do the work on the car. Guess my dad really isn’t kidding when he says I just have to tell people who my father is. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But he didn’t care, and I certainly didn’t care, so Miles is now back to top form and my dad has a little extra money in his pocket that can go to…oh I don’t know…paying for my gas stops on my way to and from NJ? Love you, daddy!

All that excitement made me forget that I woke up feeling like a dizzy pile of poo. I think the coupling of dehydration and stagnant heat in my apartment made me very out of sorts. I couldn’t turn my head for fear the room would start spinning. Even when I was still everything swayed. I drank what had to be five or six cups of water in about half an hour. Anything that would make the dizziness stop. I turned the air conditioning on when I figured out the remaining heat might be part of the problem and I was rewarded with feeling a bit better. I knew the heat was definitely a problem when I left the house and felt better. So last month was spent being frugal with air. This month I think I’ll take care to balance out my frugality a little bit while the summer heat takes its time to dissipate into autumn chill. That’s okay. I’ll be away for half the month!!

Today at work I literally received one phone call regarding tickets in five hours. Oh. My. God. Am I really complaining? Meh. But there’s only so much sitting and so much Facebook and so many articles and so much Christmas pre-listing I can stand. Calm and peaceful, but boring. Again, that’s fine with me. I didn’t get mad about our screwed up world and Syria and such and spout all my anger on Facebook. I just read funny bumper stickers instead. I should be able to get this week’s paycheck before I leave because Marguerite is the best! She’s like the second mother to everyone in the office. I adore women like her.

Got home to get ready for dinner and gloat to myself that I drove right past Zesto’s, Baskin Robin, and DQ on the way home. It was really hot and I would’ve loved some ice cream, but no. I don’t need it. And it gives me a headache. Boom. Personal integrity. i has sum. :3 Only one avocado was ripe for dinner. Curses! So I went ahead and prepped to make the avocado stuffed burgers regardless. I thought I was really hungry. Guess I wasn’t too hungry because I could put it off for a Skype date with the boyfriend for a few hours. Then again, I would put a lot of things off for a Skype date with the boyfriend. Yes, he and I have already established the disgustingness of our cute. It is quite gross. We apologize, but insist you get over it as we have. Carry on.

Simultaneously, I bought my ticket for the Mets-Braves game on September 3! It’s official! Although I was informed that if I catch a homerun ball for the Mets I have to throw it back because they’re the away team. Not cool! You think they’d let me keep it if I bat my pretty eyes and tell them it’s my first Major League game? And I’m there all by my wittle wonesome? And my birthday just passed? And I’m new to Georgia? And nothing so exciting as catching a homerun ball has ever happened to me in my whole life?

That’s pretty pitiful. They’d HAVE to let me keep it!

So it wasn’t until about 10pm that I actually put the first burger in the pan. These things were gargantuan! And I forgot to take a picture! Damn! But seriously, these were like Vortex sized half pound burgers! The first two came out really nice. The two sides sealed perfectly while they were cooking. The others had varying degrees of success, none below 80%. I had leftover meat (I used two pounds of ground beef! Never used that much before!) so I made a little burger heart. It actually kept its form too while it cooked. So a little burger heart is sitting atop my left over ginorma-saurous overcooked burgers with avocado stuffing. They need more seasoning too. I’ll play with it.

Then I had a cup of big girl drink with ice to cool me down while I watched TV and got ready for bed in an oddly peevy mood that I got over when I rationalized it. (The bad mood wasn’t related to the following statement about ice and water…actually it was just a touch related.) Speaking of ice, I will only use ice for big girl drinks that require it, although I was also informed that I don’t need to get my big girl drinks with ice when I order them. Definitely have to try that on a $3 LIT from Applebees. ๐Ÿ˜‰ There’s enough fluoridated crap I can’t avoid. Let me at least avoid what I can. Helloooooo investment in water bottles and filters!

(“You’re crazy! I drink tap water and I’m fine!” “There’s no evidence that fluoride hurts anyone!” “This government website shows how the government did tests that prove government mandated fluoridation is okay!” …Um, okay. Well that’s wonderful. I’m not forcing you to drink filtered water the way I’m forced to deal with poison water. So let’s leave each other to our own devices. …Wow! That was easy to defuse.)

That’s how Brenna started her long weekend. Tomorrow I hope will be a big day for getting stuff done around the apartment. I’ve got a big trip coming up soon!


  • SNACK: Muffin
  • BRUNCH: 3 eggs scrambled, a sausage, mashed sweets
  • SNACK: Muffin (I’m not going to have any to bring back to NJ. Guess I’ll have to make more!)
  • DINNER: Avocado stuffed burgers, mashed sweets

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