Busting the Bible Belt: September Early Morning

This picture made me laugh as I rolled out of bed far too early this morning.

First it was like 4 or 5ish. Then it was 6:45am. Then I tried to keep my eyes closed and I knew “thar wass no weay” (with the voice from the foreign stoner character from Family Guy). What does any good Millenial do upon first waking from their nightly slumber?


[Warning: rant ahead. To bypass, please skip straight to “My excitement that tossed me out of bed?”]

A lot of people seem to have the same problem as me this morning, but their insomnia is for a significantly worse reason. They’re going back to prison–I mean school. They get to see their friends, and that’s lovely, but that’s another couple of grand out of their pockets or their parents’ pockets. That’s more time following the strict schedule of the industrial revolution that is completely outdated for optimal learning. In fact, it was never in style for optimal learning. That’s more time getting all of the theoretical knowledge, but very little of the practical knowledge. Unfortunately that even counts with theatre studies, although I think they’re in better shape since you can’t really know theatre without doing it and then that’s what you’ll do when you’re out in the “real world”.

…have you ever thought about that phrasing? “Real world”? You even admit that all of this schooling is just hold-your-hand-because-you’re-too-young–and-dumb-to-survive-yet. Really? At 20 I was too young and dumb to survive? Pretty sure my body has been telling me to get ready for the “real world” since I was about 11. No, I wasn’t ready at 11, but I could’ve been much better off, that’s for sure. All the new things I’ve learned this past year about the world around me…it’s pretty incredible. And not at all thanks to school.

But hey. It’s September, and that’s what September is. The celebration of parents getting to kick their kids out of the house and let them be someone else’s problem for a few hours, or weeks, or months.


My excitement that tossed me out of bed? I have the next 48 hours totally planned out as I prepare to ship off to NJ for two weeks between work! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! My mind wouldn’t stop racing with the things I have to do this morning to prepare for the leap into my non-stop plans for this afternoon and evening. I need to have just about everything bought and ready today before I catch a train to work, then catch another train to Five Points, then get dinner maybe, then catch the shuttle to Turner Field, watch the Mets game, come home at like midnight (which means I need a new gate key or I’ll be pissed) and then stay up all night to finish packing, doing dishes, picking up around the apartment, and whatever else I can do to stay awake. Oh! Eat more freezer fudge! Mmmmm…freezer fudge…

Then I will sleep through Wednesday afternoon and hit the road Wednesday night. Then I’m home sweet home Thursday afternoon!

So…I think I win this September. But really, to all my friends heading back to college or grad school, have a wonderful new year! I’m ringing in the new school year as far from a public education facility as possible–in the home of proud anarchists**! …and with the boyfriend! 😀

My favorite description of true anarchy. C'mon, do I look like I'm gonna go around shooting and looting for fun? Really?
**My favorite description of true anarchy. C’mon, do I look like I’m gonna go around shooting and looting for fun? Really?

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