On Today’s Menu: September 2, 2013

I’m amazed by how quickly time is going by when I’m anticipating vacation. I think I was just dreading getting all my dishes done and the apartment sparkling before I leave. I started coordinating the papers all over the place. Tossing some, saving others, getting to shred a few more when I get back to NJ. I also managed to clean all of the plates, the calphylon pans, and the glassware. I can get to the other things later. Or as I need them. Probably the latter. But I’ll have plenty of time tomorrow night as I stay up til Wednesday morning so I can sleep Wednesday afternoon. I’m not saying those dishes will get done, I’m just saying the time is there to do it. I may just chuck them in the dishwasher and be done with it. I now have a pyrex baking pan filled with freezer fudge. DELICIOUS freezer fudge with pecans and macadamia nuts. Good luck getting  that clean even when I finish devouring it like an abandoned pet finding tatters of roadkill after a hurricane swept the town.

…sorry. I’m not feeling terribly P.C. today after seeing a really awful charity commercial. Most wouldn’t have a problem with it, but I really really do. But I digress from important matters of fudge, my apartment is too warm so the fudge immediately starts melting when I cut a piece. Still so delicious!

I should hopefully have a new cord for my GPS on Wednesday so when I wake up, I can go check my mailbox. I’ll give myself an hour or two before actually hitting the road to take care of that. Worst case though, I’ll use my phone as my GPS. It’s actually very precise. I just wish it had that loud alarming sound before each direction so I could snap my brain to attention as a turn is coming up. Thankfully it still has those warning directions like when you’re a mile away or half a mile away, etc. I’ll just have to turn my brain back on alert then. I really can’t be upset or put off by anything right now. I’m so friggin’ excited!!

I’m not even worried about the Mets spoiling my first MLB game tomorrow night by sucking as they are known to do. I’m not even worried about if it drizzles or rains–although I need to add “buy a poncho” to my To Do list. I’m not even worried about taking the shuttle and where it’s going to drop me off and when it changes to a different location after a certain time. I’m just so excited! Clothing is packed. Started packing the little things. Bought a cooler so I could bring some leftover groceries that would otherwise go bad in  two week’s time. …oh shoot. I forgot about the second avocado… I’ve got my iPod charged. Go time is nigh!

And I cooked dinner which made a mess of my kitchen and other kitchen pans after I had JUST worked up the will power to clean it. Yup. Still not upset!


  • BREAKFAST: 2 muffins
  • LUNCH: 2 ribs, collard greens, mashed sweets
  • DINNER: Chicken and steamed broccoli
  • SNACK: Dark chocolate fudge with pecans and macadamia nuts

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