On Today’s Menu: September 3, 2013

I could not sleep past like 6:30 this morning. Too much on my mind. Read the previous post to see what was on my mind. So I got up and showered so I could get right to my errands for the day. I knew once I left for work, that was the start of a non-stop roller coaster into the end of the day. No time for the errands unless I wanted to wait until Wedneday morning…after no sleep. Yup. I’m on an all-nighter. So I was showered and decked out in my Mets gear by 10am–and totally forgot to eat breakfast–and I was off to the leasing office, Kroger, and  Dollar General. No ponchos at Dollar General like I wanted, but there was a tiny umbrella–and it was orange! I was totally decked out today! Orange shirt, blue jeans, orange umbrella, blue earrings, blue headphones, orange hair tie. I WIN! (I wish the Mets could win. Oh well.)

I freaked out for a second while reloading my Breeze Card. The machine doesn’t give an option for three trips (what I needed) so I bought 2 and then bought another 1 as a separate purchase. When I tapped into Kensington, the door said I had 0 trips left. And of course this was the one time I didn’t want paper receipts so I would have trouble proving I bought the 2 other trips if something happened. Brenna. I swear. Get your life together! Thankfully I found out later that I did in fact have all of my trips. And I actually calculated my trips correctly! Yay!

Work was slow. Just a few calls to exchange tickets mostly. But it didn’t feel slower than any other slow Day Box shift. Thank goodness! Today could’ve been the absolute worst! But it wasn’t! Did I mention I charged my iPod so I had actual music to listen to on MARTA and my walk from MARTA? I did! Today I was on a HUGE RHCP kick. Like slightly obsessed. Still listening while I type this. They’re just so awesome. 🙂 They understand all of my feels. Teehee. Anyway, I felt a little giddy as I left work because they wished me a nice trip. Is it weird to get excited about people’s kindness and attention to details about myself that I share? Shouldn’t be, huh? It just made me feel really welcome in that office. …I’m also an emotional wreck because of that wonderful time of month so that’s a big indicator as well. Anyway, off I went to Five Points with RHCP in my ears.

I was tricked into buying food I wouldn’t have normally bought from the food court at Five Points. The free samples were yummy… so I had cheap food for dinner before finding the Braves Shuttle. I also had a 3 Musketeers bar and a Lara Bar. That was all. Like I said, I forgot to eat breakfast. I was just too excited I wasn’t hungry at the time! The shuttle didn’t count as an additional ride so I really did calculate the trips I would need correctly. Score Brenna!

Turner Field is so cute! And I ran into Moose from the burners I met at Amber’s game night at her house! That was awesome! Thankfully I ran into him again just before he was leaving so we could exchange numbers. Yess! I fit in down here! Can’t wait to move back permanently, but that won’t be for a while. I’m not staying any longer than my lease permits if I’m still alone in the apartment. No sir. Found my excellent seat in the first row of those far left outfield seats. Right in home run territory! It was so neat to see the players practicing just before they got started. I met a guy who chatted with me for a while and tried to get the practicing players to throw me a ball (eventually they did!! I have an official MLB baseball from my VERY FIRST GAME!!!) and he said if he caught a home run ball from the Mets he would give it to me and I wouldn’t have to throw it back. My goodness people are so friggin’ friendly down here! I hope it’s not just a novelty I’m noticing and it’ll wear off.

Turns out my seat was actually a guy’s season ticket seat. He had returned it to the stadium and I bought it before he chose to take it back. Woo!! Good timing, girl! He was also nice and we chatted throughout the game. Another group of boys moved their seats up so they were on my other side. It suddenly went from feeling very open and spacious to feeling a bit crowded. I had the row to myself for a little while earlier on. I think that’s partly why I was thrown the ball. I don’t know exactly who threw it to me. Might’ve been Eric Young Jr. Might’ve been one of the coach guys…is one of them a black guy? I ought to know these things as a “fan” right? Naaah. 😛

So it was a great game. The Braves came out on top, but I had such a blast! I was clutching that baseball so tightly throughout the game and the one time I get up to get myself another drink and I pocket the ball, the Braves score. THREE TIMES! Gah! Sorry, Mets. My bad. I won’t buy stadium concessions anymore.  But I definitely want to go to more games. At Turner Field and Citi Field…but Yankee Stadium is a dubious prospect. The ONLY forgivable instance is the Devils-Rangers game in January. I might seriously be disowned for anything else.

Managed to squeeze into the way illegally overpacked stadium shuttle back to Five Points and get home at a decent hour. And thus began the conscience marathon. My goal is to sleep around noon. Then I’ll wake up around 7 or 8 and have time for last minute car packing and watering my plants and touching up the apartment and making sure all electronics are off. The whole nine yards. I’ll still forget something, but I can at least say I did my best to not forget.

And here I am. Keeping myself awake. A TOTs video keeps me occupied with editing. Wish I had one of those to work on. It’ll just have to be internet, TV, and more dishes, That should occupy me…I’m sweaty and I wanna go to bed…

I’ll see you soon enough Jersey. Just know that all-nighters are another reason I hate you. Is that fair?

Do I sound like I care right now? Bed time! …oh wait. No it’s not. INTARWEBZ!!


  • SNACK: Fudge, LaraBar, 3 Musketeers bar
  • DINNER: Chicken, rice, and veggies from the Hawaiian grill at Five Points
  • SNACK: Fudge

Damn! Today is not setting any good Primal records. I did NOT plan my menu well. Whoops. That couldn’t help the expected bloating I’m already suffering. Curse being a woman! Curse my love of chocolate and convenience!


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