On Today’s Menu: September 4 – 7, 2013 (Long catch up)

There was no way I could function to get to post the happenings of the last few days as they happened. Here’s why:

Tuesday night after the baseball game I stayed up all night. Literally all night. Didn’t sleep til about 11am. That was the plan, remember? Sleep all day. Stay up all night. …Yeah…that didn’t work out so well. I was interrupted after about an hour and a half by the UPS guy delivering my new GPS cord. So yay that it arrived. Boo that I was so shocked out of sleep that my heart was racing manically, my hand was shaking, and my head was throbbing. Sudden adrenaline! Then I got another hour and a half of sleep, fought with a final hour of sleep, and decided I’m just not getting anymore sleep while the sun is out. I started prepping for the drive and decided I would just leave earlier and not waste any precious awake time.

Bad. Idea.


I left for NJ at 9:15pm on Wednesday the 4th. By around 3am, my eyes started getting dry and wandering. That’s the sign of eminent sleep. You don’t want signs of eminent sleep while you’re still states away from home. I stopped for gas and grabbed some snacks. Eating worked to keep me awake last time…but I also had significantly more backup sleep last time. The next six hours were dangerous. Eating worked at first. I got through another few hours. But in the final four hour stretch, I had to pull off the road three times I think just to shut my eyes for a few minutes and break the monotony of the hum of the car and an expanse of dark empty road. Luckily the sun was on its way up by 7ish and my body’s circadian rhythm plus the excitement of the final stretch got me through the rest of the drive.

I love you, sunshine.

So I made it home and got to see my mom before she left for the city. YAY! And I got to hang out with my brother. YAY! And food was made for me! YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! I love not cooking and still getting healthy food…without additional payment. Nothing beats a home cooked meal, my friends. Nothing. Then I got to see the boyfriend! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::ahem:: That’s always a pleasant experience. He gave me some lovely birthday presents which I am presently wearing and have not taken off yet. A kitty necklace, a batman belly ring, and a rose belly ring (the one I’m currently wearing). He’s the best in the world. He really ought to enter every room to Cult of Personality…but I better not give him that idea in earnest or he would do it. Seriously. I chatted with his mom while he helped his dad with car problems and I got more food and we got to chill on the comfy couch I so sorely missed. It was a lovely night. …you might think it was boring. You would be mistaken. šŸ™‚ But the drive home was suuuuuuuuper dangerous. I hadn’t napped earlier. No details, but cars shouldn’t suddenly appear right beside you while you’re driving. And lane markers are NOT suggestions. Anyway…

That was Thursday. Then it was Friday. I slept until 12:30pm. It was the best sleep I had in…36 hours. I stayed up til 4am talking to my brother. Yeah. We do that. And yeah, I hadn’t slept in all that time since I woke up at 4pm on Wednesday. Bad. Idea. Well my long awaited sleep took away a big chunk of wait time before Game Night. Yay! I got to see my friends!! They weren’t pixelated!! I’m so happy!! And Alex and I are officially named the Game Night Tag-Team champions! It’s been our legacy for a while now–we are the queens of Pictionary–but now it’s official. Woo! And I finally got to meet Casey’s boyfriend Dylan in person and not awkwardly over Skype! So suffice it to say this has been a strong start to my vacation. Oh, and I got back in the groove of returning at my expected wee morning hours. šŸ˜€ Life is good.

Saturday. Saturday was spent in my usual “what the hell am I going to do today?” mood. That usually involves a lot of talk about liberty with my brother–some of the best conversations I’ve ever had, mind you–and eating. Thank Dionysus for freezer fudge. Or fridge fudge really. …frudge. Then I had a movie night with the boyfriend watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Never gets old, that one. šŸ˜€ I could’ve chosen the grilled chicken over popcorn chicken for dinner, but alas. It’s out of my system. Especially after…

…TODAY! Boyfriend and I went to WAFELS AND DINGES!! YUMMY!!!!! We got a little lost finding the cart, but it was soooo worth an impromptu trip to the city. Absolutely.Ā  I got to walk on such a beautiful day. We’ll ignore the grotesque roadkill that stunk up the bus stop. And I think I’ve had everything “bad” that I wanted to have on this vacation. I’m simply not tormented by the thought of not having wedding cake or not going back to Sonic for shakes or not going to Rita’s with a groupon. I feel so satisfied and I wonder if that’s because I’m so comfortable back home with my family and in my element. It’s sort of a safety net that has filled its own void left behind when I went to Georgia. Or it’s a thought anyway. This blog is for sort of psycho-analyzing myself. I think the connection between society and emotions and eating is fascinating. I also think the connection between society and the State is deadly and fascinating, but that’ll come about in other posts. šŸ™‚

What did I eat the last four days? Well I’ve mentioned some of it, but to try to tally it up:

WEDNESDAY: Freezer fudge, Daddy D’z ribs

THURSDAY: 2 bags of chips, 2 LaraBars–nasty, stale ones at that, freezer fudge, eggplant rotallini, a potato, side salad with balsamic vinaigrette, pulled pork, freezer fudge (noticing a theme here?)

FRIDAY: Salmon with zucchini, freezer fudge

SATURDAY: Salmon with zucchini leftovers and pulled pork, freezer fudge, popcorn chicken, tots, strawberry banana shake

SUNDAY: Wafels and Dinges, ribs, freezer fudge, a chorizo stuffed bacon wrapped date

Phew! Recaps are looooong. I’m going to try to stay on top of it from now on. I can’t promise anything though. There are people just doors away from me at all hours for company and I like it better than a machine. šŸ˜‰


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