On Today’s Menu: September 9, 2013

I feel so accomplished today! If nothing else, I have pants that fit! That’s a feeling I missed these last few years. Yes. Years. But mom and I went to Old Navy and got some essentials and some new dresses and a skirt for me. I had one of those moments of discovery where the dress is hideous on the mannequin. Then I reasoned it out with a belt, but still would never wear it myself. Then considered it. Then realized the dress actually fit the mannequin nicely. Then hypothesized it would fit a girl with natural curves even better. Then tested the hypothesis. Then owned two new dresses. Best!

We got sushi at Kims for lunch. I forgot it was another thing I wanted to have while on vacation that wasn’t “good”. Sushi is the one thing I haven’t adapted to my healthy eating. Like I can go without pizza and pasta and corn and beans and sandwiches, etc, but there’s something so lacking to my taste buds about sashimi alone which would be fine to eat. I would need to have it with soy sauce which I wanted to avoid. My brain reasoned that I’ll have less sushi if I get the rolls so I won’t bloat up or be uncomfortable. I was right! I was peckish later around 7:30, but on hindsight I see that was already five or six hours later. I should be hungry around then. Thanks, Mr. Kim!

I chilled for a few hours at home working on the aforementioned collaborative endeavor. It’s very interesting to observe two strikingly different design styles go head to head for the sake of meshing at some point. When it works, it’s fabulous. To quote the great Dr. E. Teresa Choate, “Good collaboration is like good sex.” …and that’s all I have to say about it in that context. When the meshing doesn’t work, it’s a very clear divide of styles. But for the sake of fables, I think we can make this work. “Yum best!” Also got a reminder that despite being on vacation, money is still something to keep an eye on. Yay poor economy…? Well really it’s, “Yay shopping at Old Navy which is cheap(er) and STILL gets you what you need!”

To top off a very productive day, my parents took me to Drunken Dragon Night at the Macao Trading Company sponsored by Espolon Tequila. (Calamity Chang only shamelessly plugged them about six times. That’s it. Tsk tsk. 😉 ) I thought we would be sitting with just Essence Revealed who I haven’t seen since my first burlesque show at Duane Park. Wow. But then other burlesque friends of my parents’ arrived and it turned into a little free tequila party in our corner. Oh I wish I liked tequila, but when an open bar can’t make tequila taste good, that junk is NASTY.  I caught a few gloves and stuffed bra tissue pieces. Caught a few glances from the performers as well. It’s fun to sit up front and be part of the act. And on top of it, a nice guy who was the target of Calamity’s hosting prowess ended up buying me a screwdriver. Winning all around! It was a fantastic night!

I think it’s good that I don’t have plans to leave the house tomorrow as of yet. I need a little break from vacation. I also don’t want to fill my gas tank yet.


  • SNACK: Piece of rib, raisins
  • LUNCH: Miso soup, Tuna roll, Pink Alaskan roll, Kani salad, cooked shrimp nigiri (on the house from Mr. Kim!), mango mochi ice cream
  • DINNER: Chicken wings, sweet potato fries
  • SNACK: Doritos (no one is perfect late-night and tired)

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