Busting the Bible Belt: Never Forget

There seem to be a lot of posts today about “Never forget” and “You will never be forgotten”. Here is what I will never forget:

I was in sixth grade when I heard about planes crashing and New York City. All I could think about was “My dad just left on an airplane this morning for a business trip. Is he okay?” Thank goodness my father was fine. Then when I got home early, my mother was still trying to get in touch with my grandmother. She worked across the street from the WTC. Thankfully she was fine as well.

I forgive myself for being so close-minded as a child. I forgive myself for believing everything I was told to believe. I forgive myself for how I viewed this country with all of its strength and national pride and “we the people” and HOOO-RAAAH! I forgive those of you who didn’t understand what was happening then either. Now though, in an age of vast information sharing, you have no excuse not to do a little research and parse the information for yourself. There are things you will never forget because you never knew them to begin with. For instance, why was the United States attacked in the first place? And please don’t say, “They hated us for our freedom.”

Never forget.
Never forget.

I won’t let Bread and Circus tactics like the George Zimmerman trial, and the DOMA repeal, and Miley Cyrus at the VMAs stop me from forgetting what this world has become and how it got that way and how it can be fixed.

I will never forget how the federal government steals money out of our pockets to feed the welfare State and to fund government schools and wars I don’t support and subsidize food I won’t eat. I will never forget how propaganda makes soldiers and police look like heroes when they are nothing but mindless thugs and murderers in uniforms (well intentioned or not). I will never forget how my right to own property — for instance, a gun is property — has been trampled on because the State fears the power of its slaves. I will never forget that inflation and unrecoverable debt is partly why I am living off of a part time job and only living mostly comfortably with the love and support of my family. I will never forget why I can’t fly anymore to visit my family half a country away because the TSA has legal backing to stick their fingers inside my vagina and then irradiate me.

I will never forget why I will NOT stand for the Star-Spangled Banner. I will never forget who is the cause of the deaths of thousands of innocents in one fell swoop twelve years ago. It isn’t just that group of murderers that hijacked the plane. It is also those sociopath monsters that those of you who vote insist on voting into power over you when they don’t give a damn about you or even know you exist. I support your right to enjoy slavery, but not your imagined “duty” to force it on me.

Let’s be honest: we’ve given this huge centralized government thing a chance. We even gave the limited central government thing a chance 237 years ago. Both failed. I’m ready to try something new. Even if anarchy isn’t perfect, I sleep with a clear conscience knowing I’m not the cause of someone’s untimely death today. Remember those lessons you learned in Pre-K? Don’t steal. Don’t hit. Be nice. Tell the truth.

Never forget.


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