On Today’s Menu: September 10, 2013

I should’ve remembered I can’t stay in the house all day. Laziness, why do you always win out in the end? No laundry done, no baking done, no writing done, no blogging done. Nothing? Actually I managed to make a new recipe. Super simple for a super lazy and hungry girl. Eggplant pizza! I think I like eggplant, but after eating a few slices, I got a stomach ache/scary imminent heartburn ache. I was trying to figure out why for a while while sitting in my brother’s room watching him watch a playthrough of Outlast. SCARY!! But I hope eggplant isn’t going to give me trouble because I’m trying to incorporate more colors into my diet.

I got the gas I was dreading and was able to set off for the boyfriend’s house to spend the afternoon/evening with him. And his dog, Rocky. What an attention whore–adorable, but an attention whore all the same. But we got him upstairs and then boyfriend played bass for a little and we both got distracted by Candy Crush and/or pokemon. Yeah. We’re that kind of romantic.

I wanted Teavana tea so we went strolling around the mall for a while too. I need to stay away from Marbles. It makes me feel inadequate. We got dinner at Red Robin. Yummmmmm! …it had to be done. Then, believe it or not, we got back and watched the news. I feel like I’ve finally contributed to the relationship! 😛 But we did have an interesting discussion — I thought it was interesting anyway — about being libertarian, and why minarchy is good or bad or the best route to a better society, and who’s going to fund what if the federal government did what it was supposed to do and just vanished off the face of the Earth, and ostracizing. Very interesting indeed. I snagged me a smart one!

While I didn’t stay home all day, I think today was a pleasant break from vacation. But now I’m staring down a pile of laundry and feeling my knotted hair. Wednesday really needs to be the day to at least put a dent in some of these things. End of story. Let’s go, Brenna!


  • LUNCH: Eggplant pizza
  • DRINK: Teavana samples (I’m including this because they mentioned it was sweetened with some kind of sugar so I wanted it on the record.)
  • DINNER: Red Robin burger, fries, mint brownie milkshake (Hard to turn it down when it’s free and given with love. 🙂 )

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