On Today’s Menu: September 11, 2013

I had to word vomit today about people’s posts about September 11th. Then I realized it was a lot less common in my news feed throughout the day, which quelled my initial rage. I kept checking my Friends count to see if maybe I was missing the posts because I was unfriended en mass. Nope. People simply have better things to do with their day with school underway and auditions and callbacks and work. Good. I guess they can’t make September 11th a federal holiday since the Benghazi attack was also on September 11th and the State doesn’t want it revealed that TWO deadly incidents were really entirely their own fault.

Anyway, I didn’t get the hair washing done or the laundry, neither of which are really as urgent as I make them sound, but I feel like a bum for not getting the tasks done. I literally spent the whole day saying I would do it and always having it pushed off by one thing or another. First the 9/11 post, then my mom doing laundry, then conversation with my brother, then baking. Yes! I did get to more baking! The plantain muffins were mutated into a muffin cake since I lack muffin liners. Oops. But it came out pretty good all the same. Some tweaking is required, namely using a muffin tin next time, but it was pretty good. Very soft like a muffin so it was weird to eat in cake form. I think they could use fewer blueberries. That seemed uneven in the mix. And maybe some cocoa powder because I love chocolate. Even my grandma who does a lot of baking said it was very good. Might’ve even tempted her along the path of paleo baking. 😉 I’d like to enjoy the holiday feasts with everyone next year.

Then Game Night at Casey’s! I have such a happiness in my heart now that I have been reunited with Betrayal at the House on the Hill. Why? No real reason other than it’s an awesome game. It ended in what I think we decided was a stalemate because we literally could not complete our task since the basement was completely shut off and we couldn’t explore new rooms down there. And Ryan didn’t win because we weren’t burned in the house or something and we managed to at least escape. It was weird. Still fun! It was a good send off since I don’t think I’ll see Alex and Casey again til my next visit.

::sigh:: Less than a week left. I may be crying at the wedding for more than just how beautiful Amy and Kevin will look.

But tomorrow is brunch with Shabazz! Weeee!! And I had 5 Day Box shifts added to my Third Country schedule! Double weeeeee!


  • SNACK: Peach cobbler
  • SNACK: Blueberry chocolate cake made with plantains
  • DINNER: Chicken parm sub, mozzarella sticks

…I did NOT eat well today. I hope I still fit my dress come Saturday…


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