On Today’s Menu: September 13 – 15

Friday was really just prep for Saturday. I got to walk with my brother for the first time in MONTHS! It was awesome. Clouds threatened rain, but it never happened. The sun came right out as soon as we got home, but as long as it didn’t rain while we were out, I’m a happy girl. Then I made an omelet with some sausage and peppers and tomatoes. I’m thinking about doing an experiment and cutting out tomatoes from my diet. Just to see how my body reacts. Like I did with the dairy. Or attempted to do with the dairy. This will probably just be an attempt as well. But anyway, I also made some more frudge! Mmm…frudge…. And the SunCups I’ve been dying to try arrived too! They’re like paleo friendly Reese’s cups. Only issue is the sugar, but that’s why they’re for special occasions only. And then I was packed up and shipping off to the boyfriend’s house so we could leave for Amy and Kevin’s wedding right from there. Weeee!! Wedding!!

Despite China yowling every few hours and Rocky knocking the gate over to jump on me in the early morning hours, I managed to sleep well. I also managed to change nearly my whole ensemble because my boyfriend’s mother decided to dress me in fine jewelry that clearly looked better than what I brought. It did. And she gave me the black shoes…that managed to get scraped as my heel slipped into the tiny grating in the ground at the venue. My life.

But the ceremony was absolutely beautiful! Holly was their officiant. They read their own vows. They had friends do readings of passages about love. They mixed the sand in the glass. They never used the term “lawfully wedded”. Absolutely stunning all around. And it was nice to see some of my theatre department people again! And the food was great and the open bar was simply divine! Maybe I had a little much, but you know what? Painful 4 1/2 inch heels? Nope! 😉

Today I got another walk in with my brother. A wee bit shorter than the other day, but I did have to get ready for the Wasabassco show tonight. Also had to prepare to look fantastic in the red dress my mom got me what seems like forever ago in Atlanta. So cute! And the boyfriend decided to join us as well! Yesss! The show was phenomenal. Wasabassco shows are always a rowdy and fun time. We met the people at the next table who recently moved to NY and have seen all of Doc’s shows at Bathtub Gin. I got to see Hazel Honeysuckle do the best act ever seen — cookie monster burlesque for the win! — and to top off a beautiful night of beautiful ladies and the good Doc, I WAS INDUCTED AS AN AGENT OF WASABASSCO!! PINNED BY DOC WASABASSCO HIMSELF! ON MEDIANOCHE’S BUTT! It is a badge of honor I will share with pride as I return to Georgia and hopefully catch some more burlesque down there.

Today. Rocks.

And I apologize in advance if I don’t post in the next few days while I’m packing up again to head back to Georgia. I may not quite be in the mood for witty banter while saying goodbye to my friends and family all over again. Still though, tonight ROCKS!

MENU (September 15, 2013)

  • SNACK: Sun Cup, Frudge
  • LUNCH: 4 small hotdogs, french fries
  • DINNER: Tuna Tartare, Kobe sliders, samplings from Lobster spring rolls, fried calamari, and herb french fries
  • DESSERT: Housemade chocolate chip cookies (Mmmmmmm! No regrets.)

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