On Today’s Menu: September 23, 2013

Happy first day of fall y’all!

Today was well spent in comparison to yesterday, that’s for sure. Crawled out of bed bright and early, ate breakfast, and started the job hunt I said I’d get to. First few places were a bust. Figured. Then I decided just for S&G’s to check out one of the liquor stores nearby. Well good thing I did because I was immediately taken to the back room and asked a bunch of questions about myself and told all about the manager’s way of running the store and looking for employees and how he was just about to start looking because his wife is going on maternity leave and how he gets most friendly customers now because he shot the last asshole who tried to attack him.

And that’s when I noticed his gun just hanging out on his belt loop. Well needless to say I was just a bit wary after that. But then as he continued speaking, I realized I actually wasn’t scared.

Did I mention everyone openly carries a gun? Awesome. Did I mention that if I get hired, I’m getting a gun permit? More awesome.

After we talked in the back room — and a cop showed up because the manager reported a bad check, which only made me that much more nervous at the time — he brought me behind the cash register and let me ask the two employees questions and see how they operate. It was so low key I couldn’t believe I was actually standing there doing this. So I’ve got my fingers crossed very tightly for this one. He invited me back Friday to meet his wife and her assistant, another woman around my age. Then if all goes well, I’ll have a second job so maybe I can really afford my apartment.

Also they seem like really cool people after getting to talk to them. I no longer suspect I’m being watched by Yakuza. 🙂 If he’s looking for an honest, personable employee and he can teach everything else, he’ll get that from me! He also mentioned that he liked me soon as I walked in and asked about a job — I guess despite that I don’t speak Spanish, which he asked in the backroom — and he said the other guys were clearly infatuated with me. Yeah, yeah, I’m a girl and I have a young cute face. I can get over the “cute” thing if I get a job. He mentioned the Spanish because he  is looking for a diverse staff. He’s Vietnamese, one guy is Korean, and the other guy is black. Well, I’m black and white. That adds a half of diversity, right?

He also seemed impressed that after being here just a few months I already got my license switched over. I thought that was necessary. He actually moved down here after living in New Jersey and Las Vegas working at the Trump Taj and the MGM. He told me that he and his wife both lived in Pennsylvania too before they met in Georgia. So sweet!

So yeah, I like them and I’m hopeful about this job. ::fingerssupercrossed::

The manager told me to check other liquor stores to see “what your future will look like”. I assume he wanted me to see how dingy the other ones were compared to his. I looked at Big John’s up the road and yeah, it was less appealing other than they open later than the other stores.

Anyway, I got home and told my mom about it over Skype. Trying to keep certain flights of fancy at bay, but it is a really exciting prospect. Then I chilled for the rest of the afternoon until I went to Talloolah’s class at 7. It was significantly more crowded than the Saturday classes and felt more rushed. I think I want to take more fundamentals classes, especially if I’m going to consider the Performance Track. But it was definitely a workout. I need to learn balance in heels, that’s the most noticeable thing. And I like that personalized attention in the less “popular” classes.

Then I got to Skype the boyfriend and tell him about my near miss with the Yakuza–I mean, my job prospect. And, y’know, big kid stuff that no one really likes to talk about and that I don’t think most people do talk about. Sometimes I swear things just kinda happen because that’s what happens in life. It’s not planned that you build a home and a career and a family, etc. Life will just kinda shunt you out the door and if you stop and try to plan too much, you’re going to wind up on your face because you didn’t keep your head up while life checked you into the boards. But what do I know? I went to public school and learned nothing about real life. And I gauge my life by what people post on Facebook. I should probably stop that, huh?

All in good time, Brenna. What has already happened cannot be changed. Whatever happens, happens. ::meditate:: (This would be less frustrating if the State wasn’t destroying the economy and people’s brains so that they’re totally cool with being slaves…::meditates::)


  • BREAKFAST: Scrambled eggs, home fries
  • DINNER: Baked chicken, roasted broccoli

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