On Today’s Menu: September 27, 2013

Today felt a bit like a whirlwind despite how slow the time before the interview went and how dejected I felt after and then suddenly got really excited while I was baking cookies and then got lost in a Pinterest storm.

Oh my. I just told you my whole day in one sentence. Let’s slow that down a hair.

I got to the liquor store just after one. I now know why the manager continued to say “between 1 and 2”. His wife was at a monthly doctor’s visit for the baby and didn’t get there til maybe 1:30ish. I talked to the other woman who works there. She’s about my age. Using the word “woman” sounds odd for talking about someone my age, but it’s true. Anyway, we chatted a bit, then his wife arrived and we chatted some. The conversation felt very piecemeal like she kept going back to why am I here and why did I pick this store and why aren’t you looking for work at a theatre if that’s your major. She seemed so very confused by my presence. Then I got nervous which made me a little babble-happy, but I stayed intent on answering her questions and showing how accommodating and useful I could be as an employee. She brought up whether or not I would be staying after my year lease.

Well isn’t that the million dollar question?

So I left feeling a bit iffy about the whole thing. Certainly I was less excited than I’ve been all week in regards to the interview. Guess I’ll see in a week or so.

I went home to get my thumbprint cookie recipe (courtesy of The Food Lover’s Kitchen) grocery list and headed over to YDFM. Couldn’t find cocoa powder or proper chocolate chips–not a strong way to start a sad energy fueled shopping trip. P.S. I hadn’t eaten yet by that point so I was also fighting buying unnecessary things. I bought 60% dark chocolate chips that still had soy and sugar. I realized that sort of defeated the purpose of the cookies and felt worse. But I managed to perk myself up at the idea of my own cookies and filming the baking for TOTs. At least they’re grain free. That seems to affect me the worst. But oh my god, when I opened that bag to melt the chips I went a little manic. Chocolate should NOT be in my home. I better get rid of those quick. Preferably not by eating them.

I started filming and then partway through the camera shut off because the memory was full. Felt more like poo and didn’t feel like fixing it. I’ll film it another time. The dough didn’t come out how I think it was meant to. The cookies were blobs really and I couldn’t make thumbprints in them for the chocolate. I finally just mentally slapped myself upside the head and cheered up. Pretty or not I was about to indulge in some thumbprint cookies! What’s not to be happy about? Just don’t eat all 39 of them.

20130927_190853 20130927_191608

So I had…10 total for the evening. YUM! They’re small; don’t judge me. Burnt on the bottom but you don’t even taste it! Just delicious chocolate with a sweet coconut flour based cookie! Definitely lifted my spirits. Then I got lost on Pinterest. I can’t say what I was looking up–it’s a secret board–but hopefully it can be revealed in good time. It’s not a big deal so don’t go trying to figure it out. Haha! And while I was lost on Pinterest I had Bride Day Friday on in the background. Because there’s nothing else to do on a Friday night with no one around and no mix for your alcohol and no interest in completely negating all the effort it took to stay on track with clean eating since the big return to Georgia.

Have I mentioned I miss my boyfriend? I do…

I think even he would like those cookies. And he’s totally anti nearly everything I make that’s clean. I’m working on it. I know it’s good if it’s boyfriend-sweet-tooth approved.


  • SNACK: Smoothie
  • LUNCH: Chicken and sweet potatoes
  • SNACK: Cookies

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