On Today’s Menu: September 28, 2013

Last night was a doozy. I was a seriously unhappy girl as I went to sleep, but my dreams didn’t seem to chaotic which is odd to me. Oh well. I didn’t need nightmares on top of how I was feeling. What was interesting was that I woke up with such a grand feeling of hopefulness for the future. Maybe I wouldn’t get the job at the liquor store. Maybe I would, but it could only last until May. Maybe Yakuza boss wife was right in her surprise at me not looking harder for work in my field to supplement my part time box office position. Maybe I just need to wait out the rest of this year and finally get back home with my family and friends. I don’t know! But I felt so calm and prepared for anything.

After checking on my refrigerated cookies (still delicious!) I hopped on my computer and went straight to atlantaperforms.biz to look for what jobs might be open. There were some box office positions, but they were part time. There were FOH positions, but it was for a limited time. I looked specifically at education, but nothing was posted. I looked at technical/production work and saw the Horizon needs a non-equity SM for Madeline’s Christmas. It was posted about 5 days ago with the rehearsals starting in a week. I figured maybe they hadn’t found someone yet, and I have both stage management experience and experience working with children. And my goal is to work with children. So I figured what the heck! Even if it’s also temporary, at least I know this company and I think I’d be a good fit. I emailed Kelly with my resume and a not terribly great photo. I don’t have any headshots. Fingers crossed for me. It would be a nice gig and would definitely get me references, experience, and money for rent and utilities!

Work was pretty laid back. Other than the typical no one calls until one person calls and then everyone calls, it was a lot of time on Facebook, Pinterest, and telling everyone I saw that I brought cookies…oh damn. I just realized I’m going back tomorrow to cover someone’s shift. That means I’m back with the cookies. Damn damn damn. Oh well. If  I could refrain from buying Wendy’s while buzzed, I can refrain from cookies while sober. I did today! Turned down broken cookies. Muahahahaha! Suck it dirty Frankenfood! Even my cookies with soy are better than YOU! But maybe I shouldn’t have foregone eating breakfast in order to send in that letter of interest for the SM position. It probably won’t be seen til Monday anyway. I was just left hungry and munching on cookies sporadically; the same cookies I was hoping other people would eat instead of me. Didn’t have too many though so good for you, Brenna.

I got Delia’s Chicken sausage for dinner and ate it in the car to pass some time between work and the show. That’s when I fully realized that sandwich and bun type foods are so overpriced. Literally half of what you’re eating is fluff. I ate just the sausage. Barely any of it hidden under this sauce and that dip all cloaked in a big fluffy roll. Not worth the money. Anyway, I decided to see Third Country tonight to save on gas and to see it earlier in the run so I could tell patrons about it more honestly. I don’t know if I have a positive view of it. It’s based upon the refugees that have settled in Clarkston, GA in the mid 2000’s. But it’s so politically charged that it gets me enraged at every turn. Sometimes they’re poking fun at the system and politicians; other times they’re saying, “GO AMERICA!” I think the final message is just to be understanding of those around you and be open and welcoming and form a community of people. Everyone has a different background and culture and we should strive to be empathetic and kind. Don’t isolate people for silly reasons, certainly not prejudice based on stereotype and race. I can’t remember if the concerns of the people in Sidington were legitimate. I only really remember that they felt like they were being invaded and they didn’t have a choice about who was coming in. I think taxes and money distribution was affected because it made me think of the Syrian refugees. However, the point is if the government was dismantled and refugees needed a home, they would be in much better, more welcoming hands. See? Can’t escape the idiocy of the State. It ruins lives. That’s the bottom line of everything.

So I’m going to sleep on it and see if I can fully form an opinion on the show. The unit set was cool anyway. And I got an extra hour on my timesheet for helping out FOH. I love being available to help where I want to help and I love the people I meet through theatre. Best.  But OH MY GOD THERE WAS A SPIDER IN MY CAR ON THE WAY HOME!! I couldn’t find it after a bit more driving and I got really scared. But I hope it just curls up somewhere out of sight and dies and gets blown away by the drafts of the little pathways within the vehicle. Like a mysterious maze of wonderment that gets rid of spiders. Aaaah. Peaceful.

And then in a slightly inebriated stupor, I remembered there were still chocolate chips in the house and I devoured a few handfuls. Did I mention it was a bad idea to have those things around? Well this is precisely why.


  • SNACK: Cookies
  • DINNER: Chicken sausage with pickles, onions, mustard, ketchup, and what I’m sure was BBQ sauce
  • DRINK: Glass of red wine
  • SNACK: Chocolate chips

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