On Today’s Menu: September 29, 2013

If I’m going to treat myself, I think I need to do it in progression. So this week, I went a full week of clean eating. I treated myself Friday to cookies that weren’t 100% good for me because of the type of chocolate I used. I was still snacking on them yesterday and I had handfuls of chocolate chips when I got home — partially not of sound mind. Even today I want to snack on those cookies and those chocolate chips so badly. Here’s the deal: Next time I treat myself, it will be after 2 weeks of clean eating. CLEAN!

…but I may or may not have more chocolate chips while they’re in my apartment. …or maybe I’ll just throw out the rest and search for a higher percent chocolate chip brand.

Or maybe after work I’ll use them up in a new batch of chocolate chip cookies.

…that’s absolutely what I did.

Anyway, work went surprisingly smoothly considering we started out with a sold out house. I like sold out houses because it means theoretically I don’t have to do door sales, but inevitably I still do. I like when houses aren’t full because I know there will be room for door sales. I like unexpectedly not full houses when patrons anticipate a full house because fewer people will brave the roads to hope for a seat which means fewer door sales. I got into the office and there were 8 voice mails waiting for me. Thank goodness I always show up about half an hour before my call. I still though I’d be late as I sorted through the messages, but when I was done, TEN MORE FREE SEATS! And it was a small waiting list where not everyone picked up the phone when I called! So I would definitely be able to help the few door sales I anticipated based on some messages and phone calls from yesterday.

After the chaotic prep, it was pretty smooth sailing after that. Yay! Although despite having been so strong all day, I caved and tried one of the orange cookies that a Suzi judge gave us. Y’know, a frankenfood. Immediate headache and immediate regret. I want to say I’ve learned my lesson, at least for boxed junkie cookies. No more of that crap.

I got home and yes, I made another batch of my own cookies to use up those chocolate chips. This reminded me of my fist attempt at clean cookies where they crumbled into granola. I gave these more time in the oven, which was the right instinct. I just didn’t need as much time as I gave them: about 20 minutes instead of the 15. I need to trust that when they cool, they’ll be a little more stable. Still burnt on the bottom because I’ve been using foil. Still yummy and gooey and chocolatey. And only seven this time…I ate three…

I called my best friend since we were wee ones. I’m really kicking myself for not planning my visit to NJ better so I could see her. January I will most definitely see her. But it was just nice to hear her voice after so long. Some people you just want to keep in your life for all you’ve been through together even very early on in days you’ve nearly forgotten. ::puts quill back in ink and stares at poetic masterpiece:: 😉

And you can’t go wrong when you end the night with a Skype date with the boyfriend! Even if the conversation ends with the constant battle between trying to work within a broken system and trying to uphold your morals. Sorry, but unions are bad, and even if I have to join one to get work in my field, I will be wholeheartedly regretful of the union leaders bullying employers who are trying to make a living despite government regulations and inflation of the pathetic dollar and meddling where they have no right to meddle. But anyway, yeah. I miss my dear one’s face so it was nice to see after a few days.

Aaaaand…that was today. ::eyes the cookies in the kitchen::


  • LUNCH: Chicken (that I hope was more fully cooked this time) with spaghetti squash in melted butter and seasonings
  • SNACK: One orange cookie, 3 chocolate chip cookies
  • DINNER: 4 scrambled eggs and sausage

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