On Today’s Menu: September 30, 2013

Happy last day of September! I spent the day trying to not be lazy and or feel down. I didn’t get one of the jobs I was hoping for and I realized I should withdraw my name from the other job I’m waiting for. Luckily I have been very fortunate about shifts for October and covering other people who have more of a life than me. So that’s good. It’s still not enough to live by, but let’s see if the holidays will bring me some joy. …like those cookies… Mmmm. Tomorrow will start my new clean eating streak. TWO WEEKS! …then more COOKIES!

I was also a little sad to find out that shipping from two websites that have grass-fed meat is $20+! What the hell! So I won’t be using my rebate on that. Looks like I have $50 extra for my next trip to the Farmer’s Market. Sweet. I’m getting steak! And maybe I could get some more when mom comes down in November and we go shopping. It’s a special occasion. We need good meat!

Oh that was another chunk of time used yesterday: figuring out when this November trip was happening. Poor dear, the boyfriend has had to talk to his manager and haggle days out of him. Then it turns out I gave him the wrong days. Then those days became a viable option. Then we had to adjust exactly which days. Then we had to decide how travel arrangements would work. Oy vey! I didn’t mean for it to turn into such a catastrophe, but I’m glad its settled and we just need approval from boss man. He’s only taking two days off. I hope his vacation hours don’t go to waste. Even if he has to just take random scattered vacation days throughout December. Don’t waste your days off because you’re not repaid for them. Thanks for that life lesson, dad. I won’t get to see him until January. ::sigh::

I finally got to making my beautiful, colorful salad! I’m just out of salad dressing unfortunately. Gotta order some more. Maybe I could use my rebate money on that. …nah. I want steak. But golly did I feel silly for being so lazy. And then I didn’t. Do you know how much work goes into making a salad? Geez! Prepping all the veggies takes a LOT of time. And the more you have, the longer it’ll take. But it’s a pretty result. And I have been craving a salad for a while now. A good salad. Not a soy treated salad. Gag.

So after I finished my gorgeous salad and switched out my belly ring after realizing why it was hurting me, I sat with my dad and got signed up for the Performance Track at the Atlanta School of Burlesque. Oh my! I said it! Yup. That’s what I will be doing Thursday nights from now through January. Prepping for my first performance since October 2011 and my first ever performance taking clothes off. Oh lordy, what did I get myself into? Hopefully this isn’t something I live to regret, but I’ll have to talk to them about being a little less bawdy and a little more glamorous…and somewhat still clothed. We’ll see what happens.

I’m a little upset that I missed out on my last of the 5 class card because I had to late cancel last week. Uggh. But I’m still going to Ursula’s class on Thursday at 7 because I really want to know what hers is about. It intrigues me as a beginner. I hope this is fun. My friend Alison will hopefully be giving me tons of support and I’ll do the same for her. Fun, sexy exercise!

And I ended the night watching the government shutdown clock like it was a countdown to New Years. CHEERS! Happy government shut down to all! May it be the longest one yet and may we learn the error of our ways in trusting a group of clowns to lead our lives. I believe in you all that you are self-sufficient human beings. Let’s take out the meddling and live our lives on OUR terms! Today I’m proud to be an anarchist. A real anarchist. One who believes in the non-aggression principle. I will always live by my moral compass and I will die knowing I lived the best life I could without hurting anyone intentionally if I could ever avoid it.

Happy life, everyone! ::sneaksbacktoPinterest::


  • BREAKFAST: Half a beef sausage
  • SNACK: Cookies
  • DINNER: Salad

Today is another reflection of what happens when you try to be very calculating about when you defrost your meat…and then fail. But y’know what? I wasn’t hungry. Just thirsty. That sausage was salty!


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