On Today’s Menu: October 1, 2013

Prepare for some unclear, disjointed thoughts. Writing this at the end of the night isn’t always the best idea.

Happy October! And happy government shutdown! Let’s stop relying on a “too big to fail” BS mob to pay us! And yeah, I’m sorry I don’t show the sympathy a lot of people are expecting. I am sympathetic to anyone who will struggle not knowing when their next paycheck will arrive and must look for work in this failing economy, but I’m glad that my appropriated money is no longer being carelessly distributed to whomever the State decides. I’m also slightly worried my own job is at risk, however I also have a moral compass and I know that some of my money is stolen goods. This is an opportunity to understand why you or your spouse or mother or father is out of work and let’s work to fix that by opting out of the State.

Boy I really hope I don’t lose my job. This is my 5th month in Georgia, and I feel like I’m on a roll with the holidays coming. I mean, I still spend everything I will be making by the end of the month, but I’ve got high hopes that never seem to go away no matter how many times they lead me to getting punched in the smiling toothless mouth. I guess that’s what happens when you look for the positive in everything. It’s not always positive, but you make what you can of every situation.

I get super poignant after watching Fight Club.

Well that stemmed from my wanting to buy grass-fed beef with my rebate, but not being able to afford the shipping to make the order worthwhile. Then I would think I’ll just get more meat on my next trip to YDFM. Then I feel like buying more salad dressing with my rebate, but then I can’t get the more expensive meat to treat myself to something good. Then I want GF pizza…but then I can’t afford the salad dressing OR the meat. So I think about money.

Oh, and it’s that time of month which also leads to poignant comments. 🙂 I’m a goddamn scholar. So you’d think as wise as I am, I’d fully internalize the lesson that when I treat myself, I fall off the wagon really hard…

Nope. I spent the day passing the time til I could pick up my Dominos order and watch hockey. I regret it. My head is throbbing, my stomach is bloated and gassy, I’m sweating, and I’m super unattractive right now.  And frustrated. It’s like the universe purposely threw my loneliness in my face today. “I’m gonna have people on TV actually use the word ‘anarchist’ in conversation, and I’m gonna make you witness it while everyone else chooses sides in this back-asswards country. Not only are you physically alone, but also ideologically alone. LOSER! AND I’m taking your will power to avoid foods you know will make you sick! HAH!”

Yup. Today. Period.

Oh hey, hockey is back!

…I need to go to bed. I have work tomorrow.


  • BREAKFAST: Salad
  • DINNER: Medium thin crust pizza (the whole damn thing), chicken wings with bbq sauce

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