On Today’s Menu: October 2, 2013

Back to work! Woo! And a long day it turned out to be!

Day box was a little more like Saturday day box than I was expecting. Which is fine since Rykie did say the staff would be busy with Turner Volunteer Day, I thought Rykie would be around. I’m so glad I know my way around Tessitura better now. Then Kate asked if I could get the cookies for concessions that evening. So right after I turned the voice mail back on at 5pm, I quickly ran off my check in report, printed the tickets and then went in search of Murphy’s Restaurant. A two minute trip became a fifteen minute trip. Thaaaaaaaanks, E. Ponce De Leon Ave. And then there was confusion about the order and missing the joke from one of the servers and looking silly, but I found a better route back to the theatre so a two minute trip was only five minutes. Yay!

And box shift went well too other than one crazy lady who basically threw $30 at me and took her Wild Card guest inside. Hey, $19 extra for the theatre works for me. I’m just glad it wasn’t a sold out house or I would’ve actually had to stop her and get the brunt of her underlying mania. But I also snacked inappropriately today after starting off strong. I want to blame that time of the month, but I also wish I had nothing to blame because there was no problem.

But I came to a sudden, but powerful conclusion on my drive back from Murphy’s. It was further bolstered as I ate two cookies from concessions (they were the small sized ones for this preliminary order that had to get us just through Friday). I also realized it connects with an article I read about Paleo Perfectionism and how I’m a dead ringer for that and need to chill my heels!

I ought to go back through my posts and maybe verify these thoughts. I think I can go on a week long streak of clean eating fairly easily because when my fridge is fully stocked, I have a plentiful supply to choose from. I have fresh food left and right that typically just needs to be thrown into the oven. It’s rather invigorating to have a stuffed refrigerator. Then a week goes by and, yes, laziness kicks in. In this instance though, laziness is coupled by a lack of options. I start craving certain things and then I worry about not having the money to get the proper ingredients or the money to just buy something. Then I realize I didn’t buy enough meat and veggies and whatnot to get through a whole month of making my own food and I’ll have to go back and buy more food which I managed to reason is much more expensive than just supplementing my good food with some dine out dinner (which could still be fairly okay) or some free, filling junk from the theatre. Free always wins out. I wonder why. (-__-;)

And that’s when things get out of control and I’m glad no one is around to watch me tear my hair out trying to make the right decisions for myself. Stress is the answer. Now if I had a second job to add to my income, I feel like I wouldn’t have the same amount of stress. That isn’t to say the laziness wouldn’t be there. Hell, I’m too lazy to make posts on the proper days. I just think I could maybe manage it better if money wasn’t the key middleman to surviving life…and if I could stop being such a perfectionist.

I think to also help myself, I really should consider making a weekly meal plan. I tried that before sort of. Well, really it was just keeping track of what I ate for the week after the fact. I need to kick the lazy in the shins and be proactive about this. LIFE!

However, it’s nice to have another idea–a strong one at that–as to why my clean eating doesn’t last. When I’m a big girl in a big girl house with a big girl job or a big girl husband with a big boy job, I’ll be able to put a cap on my financial stress so I can eat better and sleep better and feel better. Seriously though, when I was sleeping early, I felt the best. I’ve been sleeping later and feeling more anxiety.

Wow, the human body is incredible! Still need to come up with a solution in the mean time. Let’s plan my meals!

Whew! Anyway…

I have another possible job prospect! Still in theatre! Rebecca, who works sporadically now at Horizon, also works at the Center for Puppetry Arts as box office attendant. She’s full time now. I mentioned I was still looking for work and had applied there a while ago. She said they’re still looking. I asked if she could put a word in for me and she said she would. She also mentioned she was looking into joining the education department there as a teaching artist, which was an immediate bell for me. I would LOVE to work as a teaching artist! That’s basically my dream job! I want to work with students and help them understand why theatre is so fun and important. So Rebecca said she would be there Friday and she would put in a good word for me. Yay!! She was also super helpful tonight at will call. There were a number of door sales so having someone help distribute tickets while I took care of that was great. And to also give me a sandwich for dinner was lovely of her too. …uh oh. I got excited again. Welp, there goes that prospect.

I also got to Skype with the boyfriend when I got home! And he got his ticket to come down here in November! And my mom has her travel itinerary too!! So I’m gonna see two people I adore at the same time!!! WEEEEEEEEEEE!! I guess the question now is, what should I do in that entire month of nothingness between shows and before my mom and boyfriend arrive? I know what I’ll be doing at least on Thursdays: Performance Track go time!

So despite raging hormones and crying in the car, this is a good day, right? And despite what I’m about to admit to eating. Right?


  • BREAKFAST: Baked chicken, salad
  • LUNCH: Salad, garlic hummus and GF chips
  • DINNER: Open face turkey and cheese with pesto panini (thanks Rebecca!)
  • SNACK: Two cookies (peanut butter, chocolate chunk with walnuts), and three of my thumbprint cookies

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