On Today’s Menu: October 3, 2013

I woke up really pumped this morning. I wanted to clean and cook and do good things for myself. I attempted a meal plan which is really loose. It’s just a list of possible meals I could mix and match for a week or more based on what’s in my refrigerator and freezer. It’s not like a nice grid telling me what to eat every day. I just can’t imagine how to do that. Tomorrow will be a big cooking day because I have nothing to do other than that. I’ll cook all the possible meal options and sides and get to know my microwave well throughout the week.

I’m really taking that paleo perfectionism article to heart. My ingredients may not be perfect, but I can do my best with what I have. Keep the carbs low, keep the processed junk out, Don’t be too sedentary, get sunshine, and get sleep. That seems easy enough. Who wants to eat cleanly with me? We can be each other’s support. 🙂

Unfortunately using today to plan and prep made me not have time to eat breakfast before running prep errands so I got hungry and had a pretty crappy lunch. No worries. My body is paying for it.

I also feel like I spent a lot of money today despite using my rebate card. But with my own money I finally bought my Steve’s Paleo Goods salad dressings, ketchup, and bbq sauce. That’ll last me a while which is good because it was pricey. Oh, and I got some pumpkin paleokrunch snacks! Yay! Happy fall! Today is a pre-prep day. Tomorrow is the prep day, and we’ll see how I get through the week. Then next Friday I should be making the next “Meal Plan”. Then we’ll see if I can get through two weeks of clean eating. Let’s go, girly!

I’m prepping for NaNoWriMo! I peeked around the forum a little an introduced myself quickly. Couldn’t spend much time because I had to shower and dress and get the heck out to meet Alison before class. Figures the place I’d look up would be closed, but we found another little place down the road and chatted and she had Riesling and I had some meatballs. Not bad either. Still probably should have had anything the way I’ve been spending money today. Tomorrow is a new day! It’s so nice to get out of the apartment and hang out with people. Especially smart people. I adore intellectuals. Must be my upbringing. And I was surrounded by smart, beautiful people all day. Happy day!

Ursula’s class was almost exactly what I’d hoped it would be. We did some basics and spent a little more time on learning the moves because it’s a beginner class. I wasn’t sure we’d be doing choreography, but it’s super basic, but really beautiful. Like Talloolah’s. So I’m kinda torn between those classes. I think I’ll stick with Ursula’s because it’s right before the Performance class so it saves me a trip. Way to plan, Brenna! Plus I like how Ursula teaches. And I’m so glad she split the class to perform what we learned of the choreography for one another. There’s something to hootin’ and hollerin’ when it’s for you. 😉

Then we had our first class of the Performance Track; history of burlesque with Katherine Lashe. It was actually pretty interesting. I now can match Jo “Boobs” to a face. I didn’t realize her name was Jo “Boobs” Weldon. Now I know you, Mistress Jo Weldon. And I learned about all sorts of legends and some terminology I may not have known like Silk Hat Trade (probably should’ve known, but yay government school!) and “Boston Show” (just another reason to hate Boston). We talked a bit about the difference between northern and southern burlesque and where that branched off. We even talked stage kittens. I may get to do some of that goodness after I graduate! With our extra time afterwards, we talked a little about overused stage names that we should probably try to avoid as we come up with our own.

I ended up talking to Katherine and Bubble for another hour after class, which was fun and also informative. Through purely casual conversation, not anyone saying they have plans to do anything, I discovered that it seems the burlesque world is closely linked to the fetish world in some regards. I had no idea — although on hindsight I could imagine — but it still doesn’t make it seem at all dirty or anything. Maybe I’m close-minded and just assume most people would find that disturbing. The term “fetish” carries a certain stigma I believe. On the flip side, maybe it’s my exposure to some incredible people who may or may not be into kinky things that I don’t give a damn what they’re into and get very protective of people who think differently than the mainstream. Maybe it’s my dislike for mainstream. Haha! I don’t know. But all I can say is if you don’t like it, don’t do it. It perfectly embodies the NAP. It’s not hurting you so go away and stop being a prejudiced jerk. 🙂

I stayed up until 3am. Literally until 3am thinking up stage names. I’ve narrowed the list to two I really like.  I keep thinking up more, but I never like them as much so I think I’ve found some winners. But bedtime is important when the next day is planned to be filled with activity. Household activity, but activity nonetheless.

Squeeeee! I’m so excited to get the ball rolling! I want to feel the empowering effects of loving my body and being proud to show it off! The ladies in my class are helping me feel exactly that! …the boyfriend does a good job of that too. 😉


  • LUNCH: BK Whopper, fries, medium lemonade
  • SNACK: Meatballs with Parmesan cheese
  • SNACK: Dark chocolate squares

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