On Today’s Menu: October 4, 2013

Cooking! That’s what happened today.


I didn’t cook every little thing on my list. I spent a total of like 7 hours in my kitchen today. I made roasted sweet potatoes, roasted peppers, and roasted brussel sprouts (that I accidentally burned), stuffed bell peppers, burgers (wasn’t expecting those, so yay!!), cauliflower rice, and marinated two servings of chicken, and chopped up some broccoli and cauliflower to saute at a later date. Then I took a short break to eat and then got to work on making pumpkin chocolate “chipped” muffins (I didn’t have chocolate chips–no more Ghirardelli crap!). Ended up making two batches, the second one looking more…correct than the first ones. But the first ones were just really soft. Fully cooked, but soft. And absolutely delicious!

That’s more of a to do than I anticipated. Because I’m really slow in the kitchen. I’m certain I’ve talked about this before. So all that’s left is to roast the spaghetti squash, which I can do after tomorrow, and actually cook up the chicken and veggies when I want them. Not bad for getting lazy after about 5 hours!

Then I watched Bride Day Friday on TLC with a quite stiff drink and waited for updates on the Devils game from the boyfriend who is fortunate enough to be at the game with our friends…IN A SUITE AT PRUDENTIAL CENTER AND MEETING THE NEW OWNERS OF THE DEVILS! …Not jealous…totally jealous.

Oh and I talked to my parents about what they thought of my best two ideas for a stage name. I’m so excited for Thursday!! And I’m so excited for tomorrow…because I can have MORE MUFFINS! It’s cool though. There’s no sugar. 🙂


  • LUNCH: Stuffed bell peppers
  • SNACK: 3 pumpkin chocolate “chipped” muffins

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