On Today’s Menu: October 5, 2013

Well today started off great.

I baked chicken and paired it with roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts for breakfast. That’s a hearty way to start a long day. I had both the matinee and the evening shift for today so I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t snack on cookies or the free junk sitting around the office. Both shifts were pretty slow and easy. I much prefer that to the excitement of things going awry at will call. Matinee got a little backed up because there were a few door sales and it’s a really slow process to purchase tickets. Slow for theatre time anyway. Three minutes is a lot when you have people piling up behind the person.

I had about two hours to kill between shifts so I ate lunch and got Skype with the boyfriend for a hot second. Skype works on my phone! I sat outside on the third floor balcony. It was really hot today! I thought this was October. I mean, I can’t complain about warmer weather when that’s one of the reasons I plan to move down here. It’s just very surprising to feel temperatures in the 80s when it’s the tenth month of the year. Odd. But I also got to try a new cookie for concessions. It was in the name of work. It doesn’t count. 😉 Plus, I literally only had pieces of it. Not even like a whole 1/3 of it. Chocolate with white chocolate pieces. Mmmmmm…

Despite being an industry night, the evening show was even slower than the matinee. And a very small house at that. I wonder how many people stayed for the talk back. I even managed to record all the used tickets before going back upstairs. And no door sales means the bank wasn’t touched. There wasn’t much for me to do so I guess I had time to double check that I did what I had to do correctly. Yay time! Yay not hectic!

I also had some time to talk to Kate before intermission about helping out next week while Kate is on vacation. A well earned vacation. So Wednesday I’ll be running some errands and cleaning a bit. Tuesday I’ll be helping to sort out the loft. Hey. It gets me out of the apartment and I get some extra cash. Oh, and I had a funny conversation with an apprentice about how I don’t have a NJ accent. First time someone from Georgia told me that. I love it.

But who comes along and ruins my entire lovely, productive Saturday? Why, the State of course. I checked the mail and received a notice about an E-ZPASS violation in NJ. Mind you, I NEVER skimp on tolls. I always go extra slow and make sure my pass was read. And if it wasn’t, I make note of it and wait for a letter, which never comes. The only times the screen hasn’t shown that it read was when the screen was broken. But I was definitely going slow enough that it had no choice but to read it. In essence, I NEVER miss tolls. So you can understand my consternation when I receive a violation notice from NJ that I didn’t pay a toll at the Union toll plaza. Practically impossible. I have gone through that toll booth nearly everyday for the last 5 years. I take the same two toll lanes, 7 and 6, because they are E-ZPASS only lanes and they put me in the lane I want to be in when I get through the toll. I only deviate when I’m getting onto I-78 in which case I take lane 2. Also E-ZPASS only.

They claim I went through lane 10 this time.

I cannot imagine why on earth I would be so far left. I never go that far left because I don’t like being all the way left. Left is for the really fast speeders. I’m a middle lane kinda girl. I thought back to that night, September 7 at 2:40am, and wondered where I was coming from and what was I doing. For a second of sheer terror and humiliation at my immediate onset of rage when I saw the letter, I thought that was the night I got back to NJ and went to visit the boyfriend on my first night back. I was drop dead tired that night.

It wasn’t. It was the night after. It was the night I caught up on all the sleep I missed from the previous two days. We had a game night with Casey, Alex, and Dylan. Alex and I finally earned our tag team belts. There wasn’t even drinking involved. So what on Earth would make that night any different from any other time I’ve driven through the Union toll plaza that would encourage NJ to snap a photo of the back of my car (with my wonderful Opt Out of the State bumper sticker)?

Um…could it possibly be my OUT OF STATE PLATES? Christie needs money and pegs the out of state drivers? Little does he know, I’m a NJ girl born and raised by New Yorkers. Son of a bitch. This never happened before I switched my plates. In fact, I think the only reason I got the speeding ticket in Georgia was because the cop saw my NJ plates. Then I switch them and NJ has to take a whack. Really? REALLY? You know what my favorite part is? The toll is $1.50. Administrative fees? $50. Because without the extra money, who’s gonna ignore the breaks in the roads?

I was seriously fuming to the point where I angered myself to sleep. ANGERED myself to sleep. If I didn’t, I might’ve lost a lot of Facebook friends and unfortunately maybe some real friends as well. And maybe would have gotten arrested. Who can say? A text from the boyfriend woke me up to go to actual sleep. Fuming. Seriously fuming. It’s so much more than a stupid fine. It’s the very idea of why I’m being charged to begin with. Why are there tolls? Who did I hurt? Why do strangers in an office in Trenton care? Why do they get my money when I need that money to live? How have they earned my money more than me? How has anyone earned my money more than me? Why are people okay with tolls and taxes and laws that create victimless crimes? And if you want those laws, why do I need to be involved if I don’t? What gives anyone the right to cause me harm if I haven’t harmed anyone else?

Because the government needs that money to keep our stable society of laws and regulations going? Because without a central government, large or small, we would live in constant terror of thieves and murders roaming the streets? And anarchists?! You seriously think that? If you have so little faith in humanity, why do you put these untrustworthy humans into power over you? I deny consent. This is all force. I did not sign any contract or give any verbal consent to follow any laws written by strangers.

I can’t. I just can’t right now. I’m pissed off all over again.


  • BREAKFAST: Baked chicken, brussel sprouts, roasted sweet potatoes
  • DINNER: Hamburgers, brussle sprouts, roasted peppers
  • SNACK: Brownie cookie fragment, chocolate “chipped” pumpkin muffin

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