On Today’s Menu: October 6, 2013

You know when something is just too good to be true? Then you find out it is, in fact, too good to be true?

Yup. Should I just end this post right now? You see where this is going.

I had a weird dream last night, clearly related to my utter frustration about the laws of the USSA. No, that’s not a typo. And then I wrote about it in the blog I posted earlier because I was much too pissed to write anything last night. But that got me pissed all over again so I fumed while I got ready for work, I was relatively happy while I drank my pumpkin Primal Shake, and then I continued to fume until I left the apartment. I went by the Kroger pharmacy, then went to work where there were plenty of other things to worry about.

Like a sold out house. And a woman panicking and getting upset because she thought she exchanged tickets for tonight, but didn’t. And another woman who had 15 tickets to pay for that we reserved despite our “no reservation without payment” rule. Donors. But I didn’t know she hadn’t paid and I don’t know how to switch comps to paid tickets without deleting the whole order and starting over. And then I was afraid that would mess with who was arriving. And then she wasn’t expecting to pay tax on her order for some reasons. And then a phantom patron. And a woman claiming someone told her the show started at 6 rather than 5. And then I get scolded for trying to be honest to a patron and take the blame from her and put it on Tessitura (although I could hardly call it scolding, but I feel terrible if I make someone’s life difficult in any way). And then stress eating granola bars and powdered sugary cookies. And the inevitable stabbing pain in my stomach and head.

Could be worse–

–universe, rain? Seriously? Don’t you think that’s a little cliche, even for you?

Thank god for my boyfriend’s well timed texts. Even misery has a limit.


  • BREAKFAST: Pumpkin Primal Shake, muffin
  • SNACK: Orange cookies, 4 granola bars, chocolate cookie fragment

Hmm…I guess I didn’t eat an actual meal today. It’s really throwing me off that I didn’t make the spaghetti squash and the meatloaf. The meatloaf especially. I think that was supposed to be the glue of this week’s meal plan. …but at least I didn’t spend anything extra! Bright side!


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