On Today’s Menu: October 7, 2013

Uh…I was supposed to do something today.

Oh yeah! Not drop dead! Well I accomplished that one, but in order to do so I had to pass up a few other things like cleaning the way I’d hoped. I ate a muffin to get me through a quick trip to the post office to take care of the stupid E-ZPASS violation. I’m disputing it, but I have a feeling they won’t accept my claim. Because obviously a lowly Citizen is the one who makes mistake, NEVER EVER the State that is perfect and deserves your money and loyalty and you are a Satan worshiper baby eater if you think otherwise.

Mmmm. Babies.

When I got back, I sent an email to the Center for Puppetry Arts. Becca who works there and at Horizon spoke to the director and put in a good word for me. Yay! She emailed me yesterday during my nightmare shift which was one shining moment in the dark. If I get this second job and it doesn’t conflict with Horizon, I should be pretty golden in terms of keeping the apartment comfortably through May. Could be longer, but I’m not bringing that up unless it needs to come up and that won’t be til I hear back. No more hyping up my emotions. It gets me crazy and then the boyfriend has to deal with it and I don’t want to take advantage of his patience.

Then I started working on the sweet potato drop biscuits, but then that had to wait yet again because I had just started a load of dishes that had the measuring spoons and utensils that I needed. By the way, the dishes need to be done over again because two of the pans covered the water jet. I hate this dishwasher. I will splurge on a better one when I get a big girl house. Finally got back to the biscuits, but as I was forming them, I got hit by a really bad dizzy spell and thought I was going to throw up. Not cool. I quickly heated up the rest of the chicken and the veggies and sweet potatoes. I still felt a bit lightheaded throughout the day, but significantly better after eating. I guess the meal plan was really helpful at that moment. Now if only my dressings would arrive so I can make that meatloaf!

I did more plotting for my NaNoWriMo story. I’m hoping to keep it a children’s tale and to weave a strong message through it. Sort of fable style like Alice in Wonderland…I should read Alice in Wonderland. The teacher in me wants to get my hands on children’s brains and mold them into thinkers.  Mmmm. Baby brains. I just wonder if it’ll reach 50,000 words before I finish it. I’m enjoying where this MC is taking me. Made me take a look at my own nature and she’s just a little girl herself!

I also had a flash of brilliance in pink and I know what I want to do for a Halloween costume. It’s funny when pieces in my closet fall together so well! Full. Pink. I’m gonna need a glue gun and lots and lots of rhinestones. And a corset if I can, but I’m on a super budget. Perhaps if I can figure this out, I’ll already have some of my burlesque costume done.

Oooooo. Speaking of, I totally decided on a stage name. I’ll have my grand reveal tentatively on January 11, 2014. And my daddy might come! It would be amazing if my parents could be there! They may hold the exclusive content of my performance because apparently I don’t just eat babies, but molest them too if I’ve ever taken a burlesque class or performed as a burlesque dancer. So pictures may be a no-no. Yup. I’m pretty much a monster. A monster who has never felt more beautiful and happy and wished the same for everyone.

Awful. But if the world can change its mind or if I find work with people who recognize a teaching artist when they see one, then I can maybe put up pictures. …I talk like I’m going to continue burlesque after I finish the performance classes. It’s a just in case scenario. That’s all.

Oh hey look! More hockey! NHL Network has live look ins for games. So I should be able to get at least highlights when the Devils are on the west coast. They’ll be one of the last games of the night. Yay NHL NETWORK! HOCKEY!


  • BREAKFAST: Muffin
  • LUNCH: Baked chicken, brussel sprouts, roasted sweet potatoes
  • DINNER: Scrambled eggs, biscuit
  • SNACK: Muffin

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