On Today’s Menu: October 9, 2013

Ooops. Never got to yesterday’s post. Sorry! I was up in the theatre loft for four hours sorting shoes. Exciting. The highlight was that I found two matching pairs of shoes in a shoe bin that Lisa was certain was just random shoes. Two whole pairs! Go girl! And I’m getting paid to sort shoes. And then my fingers got sore from ripping masking tape. That stuff is the devil. And my fingers looked like I’d been building all day as opposed to sorting. So my hands certainly felt productive. And dirty.

Then there was much time to kill between working and heading to The Shelter for Tease Tuesday: Halloween edition. Aaaahhh! I was so excited! I brought a change of clothes because four hours seemed a lot shorter in my head. But even looking at the time realistically, I didn’t want to drive all the way home to drive all the way back to Atlanta. So I finally decided to change at the theatre and go to a nearby Wendy’s for dinner. Coupon! I ate dinner, and when I was done, I grabbed a napkin from my huge pile, took out my pen, and started fleshing out a scene from my NaNoWriMo story. Yup. Just sat there and wrote. For like an hour and a half. It was pretty glorious. It was even better because my story has anarchic undertones — basically a girl figuring out that forcing people to do things is not just wrong, but damn near impossible — and I was sitting across from a cop the entire time. Such beauty.

I left with like an hour to spare before the doors for the show were meant to open. The Shelter is in this back lot with a bunch of other stores and right above a crossfit gym. Amazing. But I didn’t know it was above a crossfit gym so I was wandering in the dark by myself for a few minutes before a woman stopped me and asked if I was looking for the show. Then I wandered with a new friend for a few minutes before finally being tentatively directed upstairs by one of the crossfit dudes. Turns out performers were supposed to go upstairs so I waited back in my car and then outside the real entrance until they let us in. Nice place. Really loud but snazzy. They had those kiddie rides there like they have at the mall. The horses rocking back and forth. The stage was a little small, but the ladies made great use of it for their performances. And I got two stiff vodka cranberries for cheap cheap cheap!

The acts were AWESOME! Really clever for the most part. One performer did a Morticia Adams routine. Ruby Redmayne did a werewolf routine, fake blood, fuzzy costume, and all. Tru Bliss was a pregnant bride who was bitten by a zombie and then ate her newborn baby. Yup. Went there. Karma Karmalita did both a fire act and a snake dance…with a real snake. Ursula did a Red Riding Hood reversal. And there were two young women doing acrobatics with an older guy. That’s somebody’s thing for sure. Sugarbabies and their sugardaddy kinda thing. And Lola Le Soleil and Roula Roulette were the stage kittens. Yay! Oh! And Ursula’s Monday night intermediate class did their routine. That was pretty neat. Very “hot and steamy” as the class would suggest.

So I learned that I’m super socially awkward. Not that I didn’t know that already, but I had one of those moments where it was jut glaringly obvious. Too bad really since I’m trying to be more open about talking to people I want to get to know. It’s hard work, man! But I won a raffle! I won coffee! I don’t drink coffee, but I won it! And Katherine Lashe told everyone I was a performance student so I’d be taking my clothes off for them soon. Hah! Shout out…

Oh and while trying to find my way home after my GPS “lost satellite connection”, I turned the wrong way on a highway ramp. Don’t worry, the streets were basically empty so I could quickly K-Turn out of it. Just never thought that would really happen. Huh. Silly girl. Trix are for kids. But not your kids.

And I ate two open face Checkers burgers for lunch and the grilled chicken, lettuce, and tomato out of a sandwich from Wendy’s with value fries and water for dinner.  And a biscuit that morning so I would avoid any buns. Whoops.

Today was errands day. I got to the theatre (after starting to re-watch The Walking Dead before it fills up my DVR) around 1:30. I got blank checks from Lisa and went to Kroger and Murphy’s. I also grabbed some things for myself from Kroger, but I made sure to charge it separately. I had a conversation with the host at Murphy’s about paleo. I hope she’ll actually give it a try. She’s halfway there since she doesn’t eat grain very much as it is, but I pointed out a few other things to avoid and how it can be difficult. Especially soy. Son of a gun. That junk is in EVERYTHING! Anyway, the worst (or best?) part was lugging everything inside. That was my heavy lifting workout for the week. Golly. I was sweating before I was through, that’s for sure.

So I went home, had some dinner, chatted with my mom on the phone a bit, and Skyped the boyfriend for a while. A nice way to end a productive day. I just couldn’t shake the feeling like I really wanted to stay home today and watch The Walking Dead. I jut really want to clear up my DVR. I also hate working in JUST the middle of the day or having such spread out appointments like yesterday. It makes my day feel spotty. Anyway, I won’t be clearing my DVR tomorrow….or maybe I will. I might drive back and forth for my interview and then go home before class.

WEEEEEE! I GOT AN INTERVIEW FOR A POSITION WITH THE CENTER FOR PUPPETRY ARTS!!! Interview is tomorrow at 1:30! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! CLASS TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!! Finally telling other people my stage name! I’m scared! And excited! I hope it’s a good one. Boyfriend gave me thoughts about referencing RHCP. I can’t use an actual song title like Apache Rose Peacock or Raindance Maggie or Dani California. But I like my name because it will encompass those ideas too. I am the lady of of many meanings.

So yes. There is much to look forward to tomorrow. Bring it!


  • LUNCH: Meatloaf, cauliflower rice, salad, muffin
  • DINNER: Meatloaf, cauliflower rice,roasted sweet potatoes, muffin

Yeah, this will be a familiar sight after I messed up my meal plan for the week. …how did I go through so much food in just three-ish weeks? That’s disturbing.


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