On Today’s Menu: October 10, 2013

Interview day! And “Brenna-forgot-the-paper-towels-in-her-trunk-like-she-knew-she-would” day!

Started the day watching The Walking Dead. AAAHH! Why am I doing this to myself a second time!? It’s worse the second time around!! AMY!!!

Well once I could tear myself away from the show, I headed off an hour early for a twenty-five minute trip with fifteen minutes to spare. Thaaaaaaaaanks N. Druid Hills Rd. It is the Morris Avenue of Georgia. I will not take that road again if I can avoid. Thankfully I can still get to Steak ‘N Shake if I want. That’s before it gets bad. I think the interview went well. She did most of the talking, which makes me both nervous and comfortable. Odd feeling. Thus is the life of one “auditioning” for a job. But I tried to keep my answers very honest and personable. Much easier to do when you’re interviewing for a theatre job. Yay being in my field!! And the hours seem to match up perfectly. I’m more hopeful for this than any previous job.

But again, I may overstep myself. We’ll see what happens Monday. This is the first time I felt like an employer really checked references. I gave her my co-op’s email and he sent me a text asking what to say. I miss him. If I could take the teaching job in Summit after he retires, that wouldn’t be a bad way. I’d have a hell of a reputation to uphold — that’s scary — but it’d be a good job. Still don’t want to stay in NJ. …but my co-op is awesome. 🙂

I took a 15 minute (should’ve been 5 minutes) trip to Horizon afterwards. Silly traffic making everything longer than it should be…where it doesn’t count. I put the paper towels where they needed to go and then went to a Wendy’s near the studio for dinner and #NaNoWriMo plotting time. YAY! I’m loving this dedication when it comes to a crunch time deadline.

Ursula was off in the woods tonight so Katherine Lashe taught class with Roula Roulette. I missed dance class, And I missed performing. And after our performance class tonight, which was just a nice, informative chat with Sadie Hawkins, I am so excited for January! The ladies I’m working with are really great and full of amazing ideas. I can’t wait to put my choreography together and figure out how to work a costume. And I don’t have to strip to pasties! My reputation in the outside world is saved! …or not. We’ll see. I got ideas a-brewin’!

I may or may not have started figuring out a Facebook page for my persona, which I learned is different from a character. Sadie had a lot of interesting stories and insight. We ended up going over time for class and then talking more outside of the studio. A little longer than I meant to stick around, but like I said, Sadie had stories. Haha!


  • LUNCH: Meatloaf, cauliflower rice, side salad, muffin
  • DINNER: Two Wendy’s burgers, two small fries
  • SNACK: PaleoKrunch pumpkin bar (that wasn’t at all crunchy)




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