On Today’s Menu: October 11, 2013

Of course I started my day with a few episodes of The Walking Dead. Considering I only have tomorrow and Sunday to finish, I don’t think I’ll get through everything before season 4 starts. No biggie. I might just jump to the end of season two. I know the tension there and all that. It was season 3 that confused me a bit. Also not nearly enough info on Michon, but that’s beside the point. The Walking Dead comes back in two days!!

I made lunch and then heated up dinner for myself between episodes so I knew I ate two complete meals and wouldn’t want cookies at work. My biscuits went bad. Aw. Guess I’ll have to buy more sweet potatoes. Oh no… And I didn’t have any cookies! Yay! I’m getting much better about that. That in itself is progress. Work went well. Prep for box could’ve been a little less tense. Neither printer wanted to print my tickets. Then Lisa had the idea to restart the entire server. Boom. It needed to do some updates, but as soon as that started, the tickets started printing. All of them from the batch. As many times as I hit print. Which was like three or four times. Whoops. But I got what I needed and then will call itself was really smooth going. I appreciate it.

I heard Dream A Little Dream of Me on the way home and it got stuck in my head and made me sad. Well not really sad, but lonely. Oh hey. Yesterday I’ve officially been in Georgia for five months. Seven to go! I’m gonna take it easy tonight and maybe get to be early. Or maybe stay up and write while catching glimpses of the Devils game which is on the west coast again and won’t be over until around 12:30. 🙂 Who needs sleep for Day Box?


  • LUNCH: Salad, baked chicken, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, roasted sweet potatoes, muffin
  • DINNER: Meatloaf, cauliflower rice, piece of a buttered biscuit, two muffins

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