On Today’s Menu: October 12, 2013

Happy birthday to my brother who always looks out for me and brought me to the path of food and political freedom! But that’s all I can say because I don’t want the NSA trailing him any more than they’re trying to. Silly government fools.

So anyway, day box today. And another episode of The Walking Dead for breakfast. I’m not going to finish all of season two and three before the season four premiere. Maybe I should just skip right to Season 3. We’ll see. Anyway, day box. Pretty easy day. When I wasn’t taking calls I was taping sugary candy to Madeline’s Christmas postcards. Sort of against my beliefs to do so, but it’s my job to bring some type of Christmas cheer to the kiddies I guess. Five hours of taping candy to postcards. And a nice intermission when Tim and Kate were in the office with me. And then later on when Marguerite came in. And I used a few comps for the opening night of Santaland Diaries for when mama and the boyfriend come down. Good day.

Then I got home to continue watching The Walking Dead before it got too dark. I just don’t think I can handle watching it at night. It manages to tug at me heartstrings AND at my guts. Scares the bejeezus out of me! So when it got too dark (which actually means when I forced myself to watch through the end of season 2 after skipping a couple of middle episodes) I started watching Bridezillas. Series finale! Now I can get over this insane obsession with boosting my self-esteem by watching horrific human beings.

So yeah. Today. It happened. Good day. I need to make a shopping list. My meal plan got me through Friday and even today. But it won’t get me through another week. The question is when will I get to shop? And then cook? Hmm…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN TO MY BROBRO! Super jealous of him and my parents who are at Solar Dominho for his birthday dinner. It’s basically a Primal paradise. Meat. Everywhere. Non stop. Oooooooh. Can’t wait to go back! And to go to Daddy D’z again! And How I Met Your Mother season 8 on Netflix!!! And so many things!


  • BREAKFAST: Meatloaf, cauliflower rice, roasted sweet potatoes
  • SNACK: PaleoKrunch bar
  • DINNER: Baconator, fries, lemonade

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