On Today’s Menu: October 13, 2013

Uggh. I’m bloated. And it’s going to continue because I’m not going to throw away the rest of my dinner from Long John Silver’s. Because I was too lazy to cook. And I won’t exercise. I feel gross when I do awful things to my health. I’m beautiful. Health is beautiful. When the two combine, it’s epic. When they contradict each other…welp.

So this morning. The Walking Dead. Yup. That was my morning. But then I had to stop because I had an overload of walker goodness. I compared it to what Katherine Lashe and Sadie Hawkins said about including acts in burlesque shows that don’t involve stripping to pasties, “Sometimes you need a break from the tits.” So I got ready for work instead, and I took MARTA for the first time in like a month. Well since yesterday.

So the only reason things get hectic at will call is because it takes like three minutes for door sales and because all these discount codes and little additions like making orders donations instead of tickets drives me nuts! I think I have it and then suddenly I’m completely underwater. Still smiling, but absolutely drowning. And somehow it’s clearly my fault. Sorry I’m not knowledgeable on things I’ve never had to do before. So I was in a poopy sad mood after work and stayed an hour later than usual trying to fix the mess. I didn’t even give myself the extra hour on the timesheet, I felt that guilty.

But then I got good news that sort of perked up my mood. POC DATES ARE ANNOUNCED!! JUNE 26-29, 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BE THERE OR YOU ARE A SAD SACK! I think I need to revisit my Halloween idea for POC. I want to go all out next year! Just for fun!

Got dinner at Long John Silver’s and regretted it when I looked in the mirror. I’m not happy with myself right now. But I knew I wasn’t going to cook and I didn’t want to feel like I was starving again. On hindsight I probably wouldn’t, but being on the tail end of my groceries makes me a little antsy. It’s especially so when I’m working every day this week and don’t have another full day to just cook everything I have. Starting my meal plan idea at the end of the month probably wasn’t so smart. Oh look. Another brilliant Brenna decision.

THE WALKING DEAD IS BACK TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And watching the Talking Dead afterwards put a lot of things into perspective so I liked the episode even more than I did at first. AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED YOU SUNDAY! Mostly because you’ll indicate that I survived the upcoming week.


  • LUNCH: Meatload, mashed sweet potatoes
  • DINNER: Long John Silvers chicken (2 pcs) fish (1pc) fries and a hushpuppy

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