On Today’s Menu: October 14, 2013

I snuck in another episode of the Walking Dead before work. Also killed the leftover Long John Silver’s crap. Yum…gross. It filled me up for a few hours, but I felt super icky. Time to get my butt in gear. You know why?

Well first I went to work. Day box all week baby! …actually I’m not totally sure how I feel about that. I’m going to be exhausted. I was a little unsteady in my head on the way there which made it a bit rough to begin with. The whole doubt thing. Also the very first thing I did was take a call for Manda and I botched that up. Ooops. Then I had a bunch of questions as I was taking phone calls and felt dumb. But suddenly, I don’t know where the change happened, but I felt very in control of things. Like I totally knew what I was doing. Woo! I found the post office, which is party of my daily chores. Turns out it was closed. Totally forgot it was a holiday today. But I got a nice walk out of it. And I found a neat little health food market and bought a couple of Lara Bars to snack on since my breakfast was terrible. I also had a great conversation with Marguerite about life and such. Free coaching from the lady who teaches the apprentices. I lover her.

And the best part of today?

Well I found out I get to take MARTA to work this week instead of driving. I’m really glad I didn’t just waste $23 on a week pass. Also, when I got home, I marinated some chicken using the Manuka honey! Oh man I’m so excited to sear and bake this chicken tomorrow! I skyped with my parents too. And then with the boyfriend. Yay! And even better this week?


I don’t think it should interfere with Horizon much either because she has me working day shifts! Woo! And I realize now even if she scheduled me for the other shift of 1-5 that she mentioned, I could still work evenings at Horizon! Yeeeah buddy! So in a few weeks I should know the gist of how much income I’ll have total to get me through May. I also have some decisions to make in a few weeks. Or start to make I should say.



  • BREAKFAST: Long John Silver’s chicken and fish, french fries, a hush puppy
  • SNACK: 2 Lara Bars
  • DINNER: Beef sausage and roasted sweet potatoes

No wonder I’m bloated as hell! Yikes, girl! Get your mind right! Shopping time!


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