On Today’s Menu: October 15, 2013

One more episode of the Walking Dead? You know it!

I was really annoyed that I didn’t have what to eat for breakfast in my house. I hope I have the energy and motivation to go to the farmer’s market tomorrow. I certainly didn’t today. So I went back to KFC/Long John Silver’s (they’re combined in the building) for a Go Cup because it was cheap. But I was too early (by 5 minutes) and then they still opened 5 minutes late after I waited in the Drive Thru line for 5 minutes and then drove around the building. When they finally took my order they said 7 minutes. 15 minutes later I actually had to walk into the building to see the lazy staff meandering in the back and finally someone lazily walked up to me and gave me my little Go Cup.


Then I hurried to MARTA, the cup wasn’t sealed correctly and dropped into my lap, I had to stop myself from swerving on the road, I was going to be pissed if I missed my train. It wasn’t a fun trip. But I got my train even though I forgot to check the times of the weekday train as opposed to the weekend schedule. Whoops.

Work went well enough. Alison had a few notes to share after just overhearing some of my calls. I’m happy for the critique to make me a better box office attendant. Still felt a little warm, but that’s because I’m working on accepting criticism. It wasn’t like she was mean about it. She has about a year of experience over me so I will certainly take her words to heart. I’m enjoying taking walks to the post office. It’s nice to have that half hour break from the chair and to take a look at Sevenada(?) and get fresh air. And when I got back, it was right back to scattered phone calls and taping candy to Madeline postcards. Not a bad way to make $50.

I didn’t have the energy to go to the farmer’s market after work. I just wanted to get home, cook the chicken and burgers and be done. And I did! Even sauteed all the broccoli/cauliflower medley I made last week. That was a brilliant idea. So now I have some roasted sweet potatoes remaining, some mashed boiled sweet potatoes (that I haven’t figured out how to properly season yet), and sauteed veggies. And I have to check that second head of leafy greens for freshness so I can make another salad. I should be good to go, which maybe means I could put off the grocery shopping til after I get my foot in the door at Center for Puppetry arts and start adjusting my budget after putting hours in.

I posted in TOTs today!! Go check it out! http://www.thetheatrespace.wordpress.com! With all of this Madeline talk and candy taping, I’m in such a TYA mood! Finally got some thoughts down in the blog. ’bout time!

One more episode of The  Walking Dead during dinner? Yeah, buddy! And then I took a shot of reality as I watch this debt ceiling issue fill the news. I’m debating if I actually need to be worried about this one. I need discussion with an expert.



  • BREAKFAST: KFC Boneless (1pc) and potato wedges
  • SNACK: PaleoKrunch pumpkin granola bar
  • DINNER: Baked chicken, sauteed broccoli and cauliflower

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