On Today’s Menu: October 16, 2013


Okay, that’s out of the way. Today was a good day. I felt very on top of my duties at work. And there was soooo much candy taping. We dragged the rest of the enormous candy bags from the blue room (and I may or may not have snagged an older cookie from the fridge) and up to the office. Only two and a half giant bags left! We’ll be done soon. I was asked to stop by the pharmacy across the street to pick up more tape so I got a little longer of a walk in when I went to the post office. Also, both Marguerite and Manda told me about people who teach theatre in collaboration with theatres, and apparently Kelly teaches from time to time too. Connections!

When 5:00 rolled around, I was planning on getting Wendy’s for dinner, but absolutely blanked on the fact that I didn’t take my car to work. Oh Brenna. So I went back to Sevananda. It was there 39th birthday today so they were giving out vegan chocolate and vegan strawberry cake. YUMMY STRAWBERRY CAKE! Not too sweet. Good texture. Probably still wheat, but I’m just going to have to forgive myself today. I had kale salad and egg salad for dinner. Sevananda has Enjoy Life chocolate chips and Ghiardelli 100% dark!! I’m doing my baking grocery shopping from there! Or at least the chocolate ingredients. 🙂

My evening box shift went really well too. I keep feeling like I’m behind on my tasks, but I always end up with some time to spare. Just before I left, Carol sent my schedule for the first month at the Center for Puppetry Arts. I predicted it well! 5 shifts a week, 4 hour shifts, I’m in a good place when it combines with Horizon! If I hadn’t spent so much in October, I would’ve definitely been well in the black. I think I’ll be able to see the real effects in late November and into December. It’s too bad the schedule stops just shy of when Santaland Diaries opens. I’ll have to make some more predictions about my availability so I can give something to Rykie.

It was very exciting to put my new schedule into Excel. I like when the Income side has lots of stuff in it!

Tomorrow I think I’ll be exploring the MARTA buses for the first time. I need to get to The Atlanta School of Burlesque, but I don’t want to drive. So I can take the train from Inman park to Midtown and then take a bus to Howell Mill RD and Bellemeade Ave NW. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully one of my burlesque girls can give me a ride back to the station instead when class is over. I really need to trade some contact info this time. I’m excited for class again!!! …even though I feel bloated and a bit icky and I won’t be taking Ursula’s class at 7pm since I’m still partially broke. Next time. Next time…


  • BREAKFAST: 3 pumpkin sliders, mashed boiled sweet potatoes (a bit icky when cooked this way. Won’t be doing that again.)
  • SNACK: Oatmeal raisin cookie, vegan strawberry cake
  • DINNER: Kale salad, egg salad (soy free)
  • SNACK: Chocolate chunk cookie

Okay. Okay. I got my sweets fix. Be a good girl now, Brenna. It clearly makes you feel ill, you sill addict.


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