On Today’s Menu: October 17, 2013


Again, that’s out of the way. Two episodes this morning. Which left me much less time to get ready than I meant to have. My bad. I have a problem. I admit it.

Another easy day at work. More candy taping. Took another run to the pharmacy to get some more tape and ended up buying a Lara Bar from Sevananda. I tried so hard to make that the only thing I bought today, but it just wasn’t going to happen. Wasn’t in the cards. Anyway, I also spent some time listening to the full timers talk about a bunch of actors I have no idea who they are and shows they’ve all seen at theatres they all recognize. I really need to make a push to see more theatre. Kate did offer me her comp to see Urinetown at Fabrefaction. Then I forgot to remind her and never actually decided if I wanted to go. I suppose I could ask tomorrow. But do I feel like going? Lazy is kicking in. I also don’t know if I want to push my luck with understanding the bus schedules…

I conquered MARTA! (How’s that for confidence?) Found my way to the 12 bus leaving Midtown station and got to the studio with much too much time to spare. I met a nice woman on the bus who also never took the route before. We were chatting about that until another nice woman told us where to get off. Then we were just chatting about whatever and swapped contact information. She works at the airport. She was nice, maybe I’ll run into her again. We’ll practice taking the bus to some cool place to hang out.

So I got to the corner of Howell Mill Rd and Bellemeade with like an hour and a half to spare before class. Once I saw the Waffle House and all that, I knew exactly where I was. Sweet. I can totally manage the bus. ::cough::alsodidn’thavetopaybecausethebusdriverwasn’tonthebusyetwhenigotthere::cough:: I walked around Kroger for a little while and then decided to have dinner at Picadilly even though I didn’t want to spend more than like $3 on food. Spend almost $9. #poorpeopleproblems But I didn’t eat any of the bread despite that entrees come with bread. I also didn’t take the mini desserts that were cheaper. Boom. I also had a strong sense of wanting to lead by example as I saw the heavy young boy at the table next to me with jello, mashed white potatoes, and fried everything on his tray. Ooooooh my heart. …oh HIS heart…

Then I walked down Defoor to get to the studio. That was slightly unpleasant other than being a nice way to walk off dinner.

I got to watch the second half of Ursula’s Thursday night class. Again #poorpeopleproblems…is it really a problem to watch beautiful ladies strutting their stuff? Maybe not. We did a LOT of talking during the performance class as we had our “therapy” session. Didn’t leave much room for the evening’s actual activities, but it wasn’t bad. I was volunteering to do things. THAT never happens. Confidence! Still very informative. Energy and presence and relaying feelings to the audience and the power of stillness and the best methods of bedazzling!

I think I need to wait til November, but I need to buy some gem tack, sequins, and rhinestones. And fringe. Yes. I’m psyched people! Psyched! And thanks to Bubble I didn’t need to take MARTA back home. She was ever so kind to drive me home so long as I could stick around while she handed off some money to a friend for some goods. šŸ˜‰ Derby tickets. Relax. So more burlesque talk and planning on the way home. Wee!

I have an idea. (Don’t I always?) And I think it can keep costs fairly low. I will hole myself inside for days to do this if it means having a gorgeous costume for January. And I’ve reopened the pasties debate. So we’ll see. šŸ™‚ CONFIDENCE!


  • BRUNCH: Chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed broccoli and cauliflower
  • SNACK: PaleoKrunch bar
  • DINNER: Chopped steak, carrot souffle (questionable titled) and some kind of broccoli, bacon, cheddar, ranch salad (tiny)

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